Activate the Voice of Your Customer

The world’s leading customer reference management platform designed for sales enablement.

Do you know of any other solution simultaneously activates the right content and voice of your customer at the right stage of the buyer’s journey, while providing real-time analytics on new revenue driven by customer advocacy?

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Customer References

Complete customer reference management solutions configured for your business.

Sales Enablement

Engage potential customers with the right info at the right time in your sales cycles.

Channel Enablement

Easy to use, self-service portal with real-time access to the assets your partners need.

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See how RO Innovation’s suite of solutions can help your business thrive.

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eBook: Measuring & Reporting Customer Reference Programs

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Maximize the Power of Your Happy Customers

RO Innovation harnesses the power of your customer references and sales enablement content to better engage potential customers, boost revenue and deliver better results.

Sales Cycles

Leverage your most powerful asset, the voice of your customer, to cater to their journey and drive revenue.

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Deliver the right materials at the right time to get more done and build better buyer engagement.

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Track Content

Improve the consistency and impact of content with real-time usage and engagement analytics.

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B2B Software for Modern Sales and Marketing

The RO Innovation platform is the fastest and easiest way to create, deploy, manage and measure customer reference and sales enablement content. With seamless integration to leading marketing automation, CRM and other technologies, plus flexible implementation options and mobile sales enablement capabilities, we ensure your team is set for success.

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