There’s no doubt ReferenceView helps your company sell more by identifying and leveraging your best customers as references in the late stages of your sales cycle. But what’s even more exciting is that ReferenceView can map the most effective references and assets by stage of the sales cycle so your sales teams can use references early and often to stimulate opportunities and engage prospects.

How does it work? Clear dashboards give you an instant view into which assets are relevant for each stage in the sales process and can also show you the top rated reference materials at any stage, as rated by your prospects and internal teams. These dashboards coupled with built-in reference sending and tracking capabilities of ReferenceView enable you to easily deploy reference material with a few clicks. And because metrics are of paramount importance, ReferenceView also shows you which references and assets lead to closed sales to give tangible evidence when new content budgets are being assessed.

Ask us for examples of how we’ve helped organizations map assets to their sales cycle, or better yet, send us your sales stage definitions and let us offer ideas and simulate your sales and reference environment. You can also set-up a walk-through of the ReferenceView platform with one of our project managers.