Sales Enablement

Our sales enablement solution was developed when our team identified a major gap in the marketplace—marketing departments were working diligently to create materials for sales yet the sales team wasn’t able to find the collateral at the right time. Even worse, the sales team was sending one-off emails from their mail client so they had zero intelligence about whether or not the prospect even opened their emails or what attachments they viewed.

Closing the Gap

All of the sales sheets and marketing materials in the world might not convince you that a sales enablement platform really makes sense for your company so we’ll let the numbers do the talking. See how our sales enablement software delivers, and how this sales enablement solution is supported on your mobile device.

How Sales Enablement Impacts Your Business

BENEFITS MARKETING - Organize - Utilize a central repository for organizing all marketing assets and ensuring timely delivery to sales Identify - Tag collateral and marketing assets for easy searchability to help sales get the materials they need now Send - Distribute marketing collateral and spread your message rather than letting assets go unused Track - Increase your awareness and insight into what assets are being leveraged by the sales team Rate - Understand the usefulness and impact of various assets and their effectiveness at each point in the buying decision Measure - Find out what prospects really think about the helpfulness and impact of your collateral SALES - Organize - Streamline the sales process by quickly and easily locating high-impact sales and marketing materials Identify - Quickly find the most relevant and effective marketing assets, specific to the prospect and stage in the sales cycle Send - Engage prospects with a more professional, cohesive template with traceable embedded collateral Track - Gain powerful usage data on the prospects’ interaction with the material for focused follow-up Rate - Rate the sales tools to help marketing deliver collateral that fits your goals and addresses your prospects’ needs Measure - See what your prospects viewed to find out what collateral really helps close more business

We’re looking forward to discussing your business needs and how sales enablement technology can take your efforts to the next level.  Please contact us today or call (303) 309-1180.