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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales teams often complain that they coRefOnline_SalesMrktng_Image.jpguld get more done if they didn’t have to spend so much time searching for the right marketing pieces to modify and send to prospects. At the same time, marketing professionals are losing sleep over the reality that the majority of the custom pieces they produce go unused. So how do companies align sales and marketing, giving on-demand access to collateral and media tools the sales teams need, and empowering marketing to track the usage of the materials and get valuable input to maximize marketing effectiveness?

Sales and marketing alignment is now possible with RO|Enablement.

With RO|Enablement, you can store and catalogue all your marketing and sales collateral in one centralized online location, drastically eliminating sales time spent on searches. Your sales team can utilize the RO|Enablement system to create, send and track a collection of informative, engaging marketing and sales assets such as case studies, audio and video references/testimonials, online demos, and more. Then based on the prospect’s stated needs/pain points, your sales team can create a customized, secure landing page that showcases relevant material. All the while, marketing departments can ensure consistent branding and messaging—because the materials and templates are created by the marketing staff and easily automated by RO|Enablement.

Beyond the functionality, RO|Enablement also incorporates social media engagement by soliciting immediate feedback on the marketing and reference materials that are viewed. Members of your sales team and their prospects can rate the assets and comment on their effectiveness and helpfulness in their decision making process. This tight feedback loop enables the marketing team to gather insights and measure what has the greatest impact during your unique sales cycle and produce the collateral that will actually get used!

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