RO solutions aren’t built as one-size-fits-all. At RO Innovation, we work with you to develop an implementation and deployment strategy that meets your unique needs. Whether you need to integrate our system with your existing sales and marketing platforms, operate it in a stand-alone environment, or a hybrid of both you can expect our software implementation services to include:


  • On-site discovery session with you and your team
  • Configuration of all requirements outlined in your statement of work
  • Extensive testing to ensure that the solution performs as expected
  • Deployment of your organization’s complete production environment
  • Dedicated professional services staff for ongoing training, support and engagement

Flexible Options for Your Needs

We understand the customer reference and sales enablement programs you have today will not be the same ones you’ll have down the road. As your needs change and grow, RO Innovation is there to support you with a variety of different implementation options for our solution.


This option is best for companies that want their marketing automation, SFA/CRM and customer reference platforms all working in lock-step. It is also the fastest way to produce rollup reports to truly show the ROI of your investment in sales and marketing activities through the entire customer acquisition and retention funnel.

Stand Alone

This is best for companies that have teams needing access to the system that may not have licenses for their CRM, like customer support or channel partners. It is also a great option for companies where integration-ready API levels of their sales and marketing platforms are cost prohibitive. Many of our customers start out with this option and then integrate later down the road.


Some RO customers deploy a “hybrid” approach giving a portion of their users integrated access through the CRM or marketing automation system, while other team members only have access through the stand-alone instance of RO Innovation. This ensures everyone receives the access they need, in the way they need it.