Customer marketing is a field that is undefined. As the rapid growth and strategic importance of leveraging the Voice of the Customer comes to the forefront of business success, customer marketing is constantly evolving. 

There is no “blueprint” for customer marketing success. As such, among the practitioners in this field there is an unspoken “club” of individuals that we, as peers, look to for guidance. They are the pioneers in their field. The best-of-the-best. The unspoken elite.

These group of individuals are the ones leading the charge to define the standard of excellence in customer reference management and more. What they do for this field is important, innovative and often groundbreaking. They deserve all their hard work and stories to be recognized and shared with a greater audience.

The Reference Management Elite is a way for RO Innovation to showcase these outstanding individuals once a month to the rest of the world. Join us in elevating their stories, successes, thought leadership and bring the importance of customer reference management out of the shadows and into the spotlight…where it should be.

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