We invite you to peruse our library of educational articles below relating to best practices, topics and trends relevant to customer reference management and sales enablement in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Why Your CRM Is Not a Fit for Customer Reference Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, like, are fantastic and comprehensive customer databases. Because of the versatility and power of such platforms, many companies attempt to use them as a customer reference management platform as well. Discover the challenges of this strategy when it comes to customer reference management, and the solution to having your CRM and your reference app all-in-one.

Why Sales & Marketing Alignment Starts With the Customer

Sales and marketing alignment is a major problem plaguing many companies today. Find out why the secret to solving the problem centers around a strategy of understanding of your customer and the ways sales enablement technology can help your organization on the road to successful alignment.

5 Ways to Make Customer References Work for You

We all know customer references are important to influencing new prospects, but if your references are coming across with the wrong message or method, they may actually be hurting your chances to win the new deal. Learn 5 insider tips on how to get the most out of your customer references.

Marketing Collateral: One Place it’s Okay to Be Pushy

Nobody likes a pushy sales person. But being pushy isn’t all bad if you’re NOT in sales. We’re talking about marketing departments. Find out why being a little pushy about marketing collateral and sales assets is not only okay – it’s a requirement if you desire any success in your program!

Key “Evolutions” of Sales Enablement

Stay up to date with the latest trends happening in the sales enablement space, and more importantly learn how they affect your business. This is our list of 10 sales enablement trends we are seeing in 2011, and the ways to leverage them in your business.

Cutting Through the Buzz: Defining Sales Enablement

The definition of “sales enablement” is widely and hotly debated. We’ve cut through the buzz to offer you a bounded definition of sales enablement and dissect the parts that make up the whole of sales enablement to give you a better understanding of what everyone’s talking about.