Case Studies

We invite you to peruse our library of published customer success stories below. However, please know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact one of our team members today to get more examples of how RO|Innovation is helping businesses improve their processes and drive results with our solutions.

RO|ReferenceView Case Study: Blackboard, Inc.

Blackboard integrated RO|ReferenceView with to improve productivity and streamline customer reference management.

RO|Mobile Case Study: Philips iPad Customer Story

Philips worked with RO|Innovation to create a mobile reference app to arm their sales team with the information and customer endorsements they needed to close sales – no matter where they are.

RO|ReferenceView Case Study: Sybase

Learn more about how Sybase is using RO|ReverenceView

RO|ReferenceView Case Study: McAfee

Find out why McAfee chose RO|Innovation and RO|ReferenceView

RO|Enablement Case Study: CenterStone Technologies

CenterStone Solves the Reference Challenge and Boosts Sales with RO|Enablement

RO|Enablement Case Study: CommPartners Connect

CommPartners Establishes Credibility by Using Readily-Accessible Customer References