Watch Now What Is Sales Enablement, Anyway?
“Sales Enablement” is the newest buzz phrase in the marketing, customer advocacy and sales network world, but what does it really mean in terms of your organizational culture, solutions and processes? View the recording of this educational webinar, hosted by The Sales Association, to learn:

  • What the experts and your peers say Sales Enablement is
  • New sales enablement benchmarking statistics
  • Insights, stories and implementation examples from the Misys global sales enablement program and other RO|Innovation customers
Watch Now
Blueprint for Customer Reference Program Success
Whether you’re just launching a program, or are experienced and are just looking to review best practices and get tips for continued success, we invite you to view the archived recording of the Worldwide Customer Marketing Networking Group’s first quarterly call of 2015 for a discussion of:

  • Detailed 30-60-90 day plan for starting a reference program
  • Best practices for established reference programs
  • Summary of the Summit on Customer Engagement
RO Influitive Webinar Header-2Watch Now Cut Through Competitors’ Claims with Customer References and Advocacy
Who hasn’t cringed when they hear of a competitor’s misleading or unsubstantiated claims leading a prospect away? Fighting back requires credible data. Otherwise, you will end up with “he said – she said” and everyone comes away tainted. Watch this recorded best practices webinar highlighting how your customers have the validation you need throughout the sales cycle, including:

  • Where to start developing customer references & advocates
  • How to make the most of valuable customer assets in marketing and sales cycles
  • How Oracle engages customers through linked advocate marketing and customer reference programs
  • Short demo of the Influitive + RO|Innovation integration
Webinar Title SlideWatch Now Valuable Message Development & Delivery in the Context of Sales EnablementView this archived recording covering best practices for building a collaborative sales enablement content strategy and discuss how new innovative technology platforms can support this process. Get expert insights and best practices from Forrester Research, VMware, Intel and RO|Innovation designed specifically for Sales and Marketing professionals.The webinar covers:

  • Reviewing the content you have already created to choose what to keep or update
  • Planning the development of new content that maps to the customer model and problem-solving process
  • Managing and delivering content in a way that sellers can readily apply at the right time with the right audience
  • Tools and strategies for leveraging the voice of the customer to influence buyers in the sales process

5 Metrics Webinar Splash ImageWatch Now 5 Success Metrics for Customer Reference Programs
Proving the effectiveness and ROI of a customer reference program investment to the C-Suite often comes down to showing measurable, quantitative, trackable results. Watch this recorded webinar hosted by Dan Montoya, RO|Innovation’s VP of Professional Services to learn:

  • Industry best practices for measuring customer reference programs
  • How to develop a model for measuring your program’s impact
  • Discussion and Q&A with industry experts on your metrics questions

This webinar will help accelerate your understanding of customer reference program success metrics, whether you have yet to start measuring or you are a ROI pro.