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Valuable Message Development & Delivery in the Context of Sales Enablement

Webinar Title SlideToday, 73% of marketers report their materials are not being used by their sales team. Why? Because almost half of the sales team (47%) is making their own marketing materials to send to prospects.

Here’s the problem: marketing isn’t producing the right messaging, and sales isn’t spending time actually selling. Neither of these drives revenue!

The good news is, we have a recorded webinar “Valuable Message Development & Delivery in the Context of Sales Enablement” you can view, sharing expert insights and best practices from Forrester Research, VMware, Intel and RO|Innovation designed specifically for Sales and Marketing professionals looking for a solution to the problem we outlined above. Specifically, the webinar covers:

  • Review the content you have already created to choose what to keep or update
  • Plan the development of new content that maps to the customer model and problem-solving process
  • Manage and deliver content in a way that sellers can readily apply at the right time with the right audience
  • Tools and strategies for leveraging the voice of the customer to influence buyers in the sales process


5 Success Metrics for Customer Reference Programs

5 Metrics Webinar Splash ImageLooking for ways to prove the ROI of your customer reference program? Maybe you’re looking to track the impact of your reference program on closed business or increase program budget. Regardless, proving program investment to the C-Suite often comes down to showing measurable, quantitative, trackable results.

Join Dan Montoya, VP of Professional Services at RO|Innovation, for a 45 minute webinar on “5 Key Metrics for Measuring the Success of Your Customer Reference Program.” During this webinar you will learn:

  • Industry best practices for measuring customer reference programs
  • How to develop a model for measuring your program’s impact
  • Discussion and Q&A with industry experts on your metrics questions

This webinar will help accelerate your understanding of customer reference program success metrics, whether you have yet to start measuring or you are a ROI pro.