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Landing-Page-Header-Sales-Ebook-300WDownload Now eBook: 5 Ways to Empower Sales Teams & Drive Revenue

Sales performance is the driving force of every company – producing leads, converting them and actually bringing revenue through the door. Year after year, sales representatives work hard to increase their numbers. However, over the past couple years, there have been significant drops in both the percentage of salespeople making quota and overall company revenue attainment. What happened? Or maybe more accurately, what didn’t happen? And how can sales teams actually see improvement moving forward? Download RO’s newest eBook to learn:

  • 25+ key statistics on modern barriers to B2B sales success
  • 2 things that will get you higher win rates, shorter sales cycles, and more leads
  • 5 secrets to quickly increasing your sales today
Starting CRP Scratch CoverDownload Now eBook: Starting a Customer Reference Program from Scratch
Download the ultimate guide to kick-starting a customer reference program! Covering all phases, from securing program approval to launching the program and measuring success, this valuable eBook provides best practices and tips directly from your peers to get you up and running fast.This eBook is a perfect resource for anyone who is:

  • Just starting a formal customer reference program and isn’t sure where to begin
  • Has a mature program, but just needs a “gut check” that you’ve checked all the best practices boxes and haven’t missed anything
  • Trying to get program buy-in from sales, marketing or a new executive

Download it today!

30-60-90Checklist ThumbDownload Now Guides: 30-60-90 Day Plan for Starting a Reference Program
Whether you’re starting a program from scratch and aren’t sure where to begin, or just need to do some minor tweaking, these robust and interactive planning guides are a must-have! Download the:

  • 30 Day “Introductory Tasks” Guide
  • 60 Day “Discovery Phase” Guide
  • 90 Day “Tactics & Strategy” Guide
  • Plus a Bonus “Launch & Execution” Guide
Additional Resources

Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement, or Both?

Today, buyers are more empowered than at any point in history, and are engaging sales people later in the buying cycle than ever before. To meet customer expectations and close sales, the ability to get sales reps the right information and intelligence, at the right time, in the right format, so they can meet customer expectations is more important than ever.

This white paper discusses the differences between marketing automation and sales enablement platforms, and offers guidelines to help you determine which technology (or both) is the best fit for your organization.

Mapping Content to Prospect Buying Cycles with Sales Enablement

Successful sales enablement is about delivering the right content to the right buyer at the right time. However, the content your sending must match what they are looking for, otherwise you are just “blowing smoke.”

Mapping content to prospect buying cycles is an effective way to impact prospects during the sales cycle while driving tangible ROI to the business. This white paper walks you through the steps of content mapping, gives suggestions of what content to offer prospects at what stage in the cycle, and gives examples of how RO|Enablement can be used to optimize the process.

SAVO or RO|Enablement or Both?

With multiple sales enablement software solutions available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your company. Having a good overview of information to evaluate sales enablement tools relative to the goals of your organization positions a firm to make the best decision. This white paper studies the similarities and differences between the SAVO and RO|Enablement platforms, as well as a discussion of what issues to consider when choosing sales enablement software.

Using References Early and Often: The Untold Secret to Success

Buyers in today’s B2B marketplace have more options to choose from than ever before, making it essential to establish professionalism, credibility and trust early in sales relationships. The paradigm is shifting and customer references are being incorporated earlier in prospect’s buy cycles to move them further along the funnel faster. Learn about the untold secret to improving sales, using references earlier in the sales cycle, and providing a much more effective “engagement” model.

Customer Insights Matter More Than Ever in a Shaky Economy

In this uncertain economy, attracting and retaining customers has become more critical than ever. Knowing your customers on a deeper level and leveraging your advocates through customer reference programs are essential to making smart decisions about product development, improving your customer service practices, and mobilizing your customer advocates to help you win new business. Download our “Customer Insights” white paper today to understand why the best time to talk with your customers is NOW, and how you leverage their insights to work harder for you!

Customer Reference Strategies & Social Media Networking Tools

Social media and networking has exploded within the B2B marketplace recently and has made made many companies rethink their customer reference strategy. This white paper discusses real-world examples of companies implementing social media tools in their customer reference strategies, and examines how social media and networking tools can overcome the top three challenges of customer reference programs.