RO Enablement: Sales Enablement Software


Sales Enablement Empowered by the Voice of Your Customer

Unlock the power of your best assets – the voice of your customers – at the right time during your sales cycle to close more deals.

RO|Enablement is a sales enablement software that centralizes your customer assets and marketing collateral to make it quick and easy for your sales team to search, find and send the right materials to the right person at the right time – all from the sales software where they already work on a daily basis (like®, Marketo® and Eloqua®). RO|Enablement is built to integrate with your existing systems while delivering upon the core premise of sales enablement…without bells and whistles you don’t need…so it ACTUALLY gets used by your team!


Find the Best Assets

Cut the time you spend on admin tasks by 40%. Automatically match the right customer stories & sales assets based on your sales opportunity’s characteristics with a 24×7 central, searchable content library.
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Personalize & Send

Present the right assets to the right people at the right time through emailed invitations to view Spotlights (microsites) with your chosen assets, branded and personalized with your unique message to prospects.
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Track Engagement

Get prospect intelligence data on what they viewed and when to influence follow up conversations more effectively, better gauge pain points and interests, and drive sales to close sooner.

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No Need to Leave Your Sales Software

ROI_Enablement_VideoForget the need to sign in and out of different systems! Integration with your existing sales software gives your sales team the power to find materials and engage prospects without disrupting their normal workflows. RO|Innovation integrates with systems like:

  • Marketo®
  • Eloqua®
  • And others!

Engagement intelligence is written back to the sales software, showing the rep WHEN and WHAT their opportunity has engaged with for easier follow up and better ROI tracking on impact of customer and marketing assets.
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Mobile Sales Enablement

ROI_Enablement_QuoteToday’s sales forces need to be fast, focused and efficient – they don’t have time to waste on administrative tasks or luke-warm leads. With a mobile interface and a stand-alone mobile sales enablement app, RO|Enablement allows your sales team to stay abreast sales opportunities and engage prospects with content and customer testimonials at key moments from their mobile devices, when and where they need it.

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Why Companies Love It

ROI_Enablement_Icon1Sales teams love RO|Enablement’s sales enablement tools because they’re simple, quick, easy-to-use, and doesn’t disrupt their workflows.

Marketing teams love it because it increases usage of their produced assets and helps track ROI on content.

Executive teams love it because it helps bring more sales revenue through the door!

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