Deep CRM Software Integrations Make Your Workday Easier

Customer reference management and CRM solutions work best as a team. It’s the best and easiest way to serve up the right content and customer references for the right opportunity at the right time. Keeping detailed records of customer interactions helps reference managers and marketers identify, and communicate more effectively with advocates. Sales gets the intelligence they need to know what prospects are worth pursuing and when.

  • Find and send customer references and other sales assets most relevant to the Opportunity
  • Request a customer reference activity directly from the Opportunity
  • Use CRM record data in customer reference profiles
  • Track customer reference and microsite activity in the CRM
  • Nominate CRM contacts to become customer references
  • Request customer references within active Opportunities Customer Reference Software Integration Integration

As an official Salesforce AppExchange Partner since 2006, RO Innovation’s CRM integration with meets industry best practices for security and integration. As one of our most popular integration options with customers, we also have vast experience implementing and configuring our solution to fit your unique environment needs. See how seamless our integration is, watch a demo video, get an implementation guide and FAQ packet below.

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sugarCRM customer reference management software integration

SugarCRM Integration

Be the most relevant to customers and prospects at the right time in every buying cycle to deliver more sales faster. With the RO Innovation integration for SugarCRM you can:

  • Immediately preview, drill-down and send assets to buyers directly from the RO dashlet
  • Automatically do a pre-filtered search for the right assets to match the sales opportunity and stage of the sales cycle
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with uninterrupted workflows
  • Expedite the reference request process and close deals faster

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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Reference Management Software Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Measure, track and optimize use of your best customer reference and sales assets in the buying cycle. With this integration you can:

  • Integrate your CRM contact data with your customer reference profiles
  • Push relevant assets for use directly from Opportunity records
  • Send and track customer reference and sales asset engagement with prospects
  • Automatically track customer reference influence on closed sales revenue

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  • Cara Garney – Director of Customer Experience, Deltacom
    Our Net Promoter results are very insightful, but where the data becomes even more impactful is when the responses become voices and the statistics become advocates. With RO, we can elevate our Promoters to a position of influence…and engage our audiences with invaluable third party endorsements.

Integration with Other Sales Platforms

Our integration capabilities don’t stop at the list above. Because of our API and configurability, chances are we can integrate with any sales platform your team deems critical for their daily workflows and success. Contact our sales team to learn more.