Bridge the Sales and Marketing Divide

Just as marketing automation platforms are used as the marketing campaign tool to qualify a lead for sales handoff, RO Innovation is the sales campaign tool to get that lead to a closed deal. With integration between the two platforms, marketers can maintain visibility post-lead handoff. This increases the ability to truly show marketing’s impact through the entire revenue cycle and make more effective content and budget decisions. RO Innovation’s sales enablement platform:

  • Gives marketers greater visibility through entire sales cycle
  • Recommends the right marketing content and customer advocates to share with prospects
  • Packages content for salespeople to send to their prospects in tailored microsites
  • Tracks content usage and effectiveness to closed deals
  • Reports ROI of produced marketing assets used in sales cycles
  • Provides intelligence on where to put future marketing spend

Integration with Other Marketing Platforms

Our integration capabilities don’t stop at the list above. Because of our API and configurability, chances are we can integrate with any marketing platform your team deems critical for their daily workflows and success. Contact our sales team to learn more.