Track Content Effectiveness

The line between Sales and Marketing is blurring which means shared responsibility for revenue and sales enablement. As such, Marketers are producing more content to support the sales process than ever before. Yet shockingly, up to 70% of the content Marketing produces is not used by Sales or the buyer!

Marketers who focus on sales enablement after leads have been passed to Sales are more effective in their content efforts and drive more revenue for their company. RO Innovation’s asset management and tracking tools help Marketers:

  • Know if, when and how content is used in sales cycles
  • Tie closed revenue to asset impact & calculate ROI
  • Integrate with Marketo®, Eloqua® and more for easy visibility and reporting

Provide Better Buyer Insights

By tracking what marketing assets and messages your potential buyers are viewing and motivated by, the Marketing team is better able to judge when a lead is truly “qualified” for lead handoff. By allowing Sales teams to see and understand the Digital Body Language of buyers from marketing campaigns directly in the CRM, Marketers can give them the knowledge they need regarding what the buyer cares about, who within the organization is actively engaged in the buying process, what opportunities to prioritize, and more, helping Sales be more effective through Marketing’s efforts.


Find Content Gaps

RO Innovation’s intuitive visual dashboards, team feedback and ratings features and customer usage data reveal insights on where content needs to be developed to better support sales cycles. When new content needs to be developed, Marketers can also track and manage the steps and budget directly from the RO system so everything is in one spot for easy analysis and management.

Drive Smarter Spend

With a tracking system in place marketers can know what content Sales and customers are consuming and allocate budget toward material that best enables your sales team and works towards closing deals faster. Getting the right material into the hands of your buyers at the right time helps them make a quicker decision; leading to a shorter sales cycle and ultimately, more revenue.

  • Maintain visibility into content usage after lead handoff to sales
  • Track which assets are effective at impacting closed deals
  • Determine ROI on assets used in sales cycles
  • Make smarter spend decisions on future content production

Control Messaging and Branding

One big problem with Sales creating their own content and presentations is that they don’t often follow Marketing’s carefully crafted branding and messaging guidelines. The ability to pre-build microsite presentations and automatically embed branded messaging on Spotlights gives Marketing greater control while ensuring brand consistency.

Integrations & Reporting

Key integrations with marketing automation platforms like Marketo® and Eloqua® give you seamless reporting capabilities and increased ability to measure the impact of specific collateral throughout the entire customer journey – proving Marketing’s sales enablement impact on revenue through hard data and numbers.

Increase Sales Adoption

Sales reps spend 20-50% of their time uncovering relevant content and reinventing the content wheel.

Marketing’s job in sales enablement must include enabling customer-facing teams to find the right messages for their sales engagement at the right time. RO Innovation’s platform helps Marketers with the following tools:

  • Centralized, searchable asset repository
  • CRM integration puts the right assets at sales’ fingertips at the right time
  • Increase marketing content visibility & usage through entire sales process