Dedicated Support Team

RO solutions aren’t just about technology. We pride ourselves on our professional team of experts that supports you through implementation, initial system training, garnering user adoption and more to ensure your program’s success. RO Innovation offers a complete set of professional services customizable for your business needs.

  • 20+ years of combined account support experience
  • Most responsive team in the industry
  • Multiple dedicated RO personnel for your account 24/7
  • Targeted set of technologies, services and tools to elevate the voice of your customers and drive more sales

Customer Reference Program Development

To support your program’s development, expansion and ongoing success, we first lead an on-site discovery session based on experience and industry-leading best practices to determine priorities, deliverables, timelines and a communication plan. Other services offered to support your program include:

  • Internal assessment of customer reference program
  • Help desk support
  • Staff augmentation
  • Reference assessment and recruiting



Customer Reference and Sales Enablement Consulting

Our focus is increasing your efficiency, simplifying process and improving ROI with any product or service we deliver. Our team of project and account managers personally helps you:

  • Implement RO platforms
  • Consults on best practices for data migration and import
  • Ensures success of your program from day one

Integrations & Expedited Development

Integrate our system with your current sales and marketing platforms and expedite the development of features and module setup to meet your specific needs.

Content Development

We create and develop powerful content to support your customer reference and sales enablement programs and help you win more deals.

  • Video interviews
  • Audio interviews
  • Written case studies
  • Webinars