Centralized Customer Reference Database

Forget the days of Excel spreadsheets, begging IT to create you custom “reference” objects in your CRM or dreaming of a way to build what you need in-house. RO Reference View is a central, organized and searchable portal for all your customer reference data and marketing assets, making it easier and faster to match and request the right reference for the right situation.

Reference Enablement Dashboard

Accelerate Reference Request Fulfillment, Increase Self Service

Streamline the reference request process by centralizing everything in one system for faster fulfillment. Sales and Marketing team members can use filters and advanced search criteria to find the exact customer reference needed (rather than relying on you to do it for them every time), then requests go directly to the Reference Manager or alternative customer relationship owner or analysis and management.

Measure Customer Reference Impact

To maximize the impact of customer reference programs on campaigns, sales and revenue, B2B customer marketers need to understand what assets contribute to positive buying outcomes and have a grasp on the overall health of their program.

Reference Enablement Dashboard 2

RO Reference View offers intuitive reports and visual dashboards to analyze activities and customer asset usage and then drill down into details. Reports come equipped with various filters and segmentation features that let you get more answers and insight from your data.

Ever have the suspicion that your revenue isn’t what it could be?

You’ve invested in your marketing and built an industrious sales team…so what are you missing? A systematic approach to turning those happy customers into references.

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Grow Your Program

Successful customer reference programs live and die by their ability to maintain a broad range of customer types for utilization in reference activities. RO Reference View ensures your best customer advocates are in your program with an easy, centralized nomination process by leveraging:

  • Easy to use nomination forms & submission protocols
  • Ability for customers to self-nominate
  • Ability to nominate directly from the CRM, like Salesforce.com
  • Facilitate wider participation by people with direct customer relationships, such as customer service reps and account executives
  • Recruitment from other customer advocacy applications, like Influitive

A True Customer Intelligence Engine

Reference View provides a centralized place to host customer information of all sorts:

  • Net Promoter Scores
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Video Interviews
  • Testimonial Quotes
  • Events & Interactions with Customers

As such, this centralized repository often becomes the most robust and cleanest source of data on your customers, while giving you just ONE platform to manage it all in.


Protect Customer Relationships

Manage customer reference relationships more effectively to avoid reference burnout or overuse of particular references. Reference View enables you to manage the activities and frequency customers have agreed to participate in, and allows you to temporarily remove them from the program until a relationship improves.

Reward Customer Participation

If you have an incentive or rewards program for customers that participate in your customer reference program, the system notifies you when to appropriately reward references and manage points and gifts to customers.

RO Innovation Application Network

Connect RO Innovation to the platforms and applications your team uses most on a daily basis. With seamless integrations to popular sales and marketing applications like Salesforce.com and Marketo, your team can leverage the power of customer references and analytics in the platforms they already use.