Marketing Asset Management

Without a doubt the easiest way for sales to put their hands on the most relevant content and marketing tools for right stages in your sales cycle is to give them the power to search the asset library with RO|Enablement.

Find the Right Asset

roe-assets.jpg With RO|Enablement, you can stop searching for marketing collateral and start FINDING it. RO|Enablement makes it easy to find the right materials for the right step in your sales cycle.

Keyword Search

Immediately find assets relevant for a particular topic or key phrase. For example, typing in “financial services” in the search field yields asset results that not only mention the keyword in the document’s content, but are the most relevant to the prospect’s topic area.

Find Assets By Sales Cycle Stage, Decision Maker, Product & More!

Search through preset categories that have been determined and discussed by your sales and marketing team. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can reveal assets that are the most relevant to your search criteria and prospect’s situation.

See What’s Recommend

RO|Enablement lists the most recommended assets for your sales team to use for a particular prospect situation or stage in the sales cycle, so they’re never guessing and hunting – they’re engaging and selling! RO|Enablement allows you to:

  • Find the top rated assets and spotlights
  • See what’s most effective with prospects
  • Spend less time searching and more time selling

Get Feedback Directly

From Prospects

RO|Enablement lets prospects participate in telling you about the usefulness and value of the materials you sent them giving you valuable insight into what assets work the best, and where future dollars should be invested to improve your current program.

From Your Internal Team

RO|Enablement also gives your internal team the opportunity to rate and comment on the effectiveness of materials, giving your marketing department the direct feedback they need to react and focus efforts where they are most productive.

Share In Social Media

Integrate RO|Enablement with your current social media strategy. This feature allows you to share links to spotlights and send invitations to prospects via the most common social media outlets they already interact with such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Want to learn more? Take a more in-depth tour of RO|Enablement with a member of our team today!