Customer Intelligence Feature Overview

RO|Reference View can be used in more ways than just a customer reference management platform.

Customer_Intelligence_tour_page3.jpg ReferenceView can also be used to deeply slice information to better understand your customer base. Custom, advanced search queries that are relevant to your business can be configured by our team of experts so you can get detailed information about your clients with a few clicks. What’s more, you can do customer research and segmentation all from one platform in ReferenceView, rather than having to source customer information from multiple locations.

Centralized Customer Intelligence Repository

ReferenceView also provides a centralized place to host customer information from Net Promoter Score and Voice of Customer surveys, site visits, events and interactions with customers to make it a central repository of information about your customers. Having a “do it all” solution like ReferenceView means you have streamlined processes — and one less platform to manage!

Self Service Reporting

RO|Innovation can produce custom reports and dashboards for you as needed. In addition to these services, the Self Service reporting module allows you to create your own reports from the available data fields in your RO|ReferenceView system. Finally, reports can be preconfigured and saved for reuse to save you time and effort.

Having more customer data, and tying it to reference asset performance, allows you to better connect the dots to evaluate ROI and make more informed decisions on marketing, products, sales and more. Contact a member of our team today to learn more or schedule a personalized demo to see how RO|Reference View would be a good fit for your organization.