Btn-SalesForce.jpgFinally…a sales & marketing platform that sales will actually use! RO|Innovation products integrate with your current CRM, including, so your sales team can use it in-stride with the programs they are already using on a daily basis. There is no need to leave your CRM to send a prospect marketing or customer reference materials.


RO|Innovation has been a Salesforce AppExchange Partner since 2006. App ExchangeThis certification means we consistently have been reviewed and validated by as following industry best practices for security and integration. See how we easily integrate with below and contact us to receive an integration guide and FAQ packet.


Find an Asset

CRM integration helps you find the right collateral for your prospect’s selling situation right from the opportunities dashboard in

Send a Spotlight

Convenient CRM integration adds value by making multi-tasking more efficient in an all-in-one system. Send your prospect collateral to help them learn more about your offering by sending a Spotlight without leaving the Salesforce platform.



Send an Invitation

Send prospects an invitation to view one of your pre-built spotlights without having to leave or craft a separate email. CRM integration lets you do it all in one place efficiently and effectively and get back to doing what you do best – selling!

Customer Reference Nominations

A best practice of a customer reference program is to have a formal process for customer nominations. ReferenceView is built with this capability, and has incorporated it into the way it works within your CRM. Sales can nominate customers to become customer references right from the contact tab, so they don’t have to leave and can continue with business without skipping a beat!

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