Spotlights: Microsites for Sales Enablement

Spotlights are tailored microsites for sales to present information and customer reference assets to prospects in a unique and engaging way, while tracking what the prospect viewed and when they opened it.

Pre-Built Spotlight Collections

We understand that your sales team shouldn’t spend time — and doesn’t want to spend time — searching for and assembling tailored communications for prospects. They want to be out there doing what they do best…selling!

This efficient feature enables sales to choose from a collection of pre-built spotlights made by the marketing team based on solution, vertical, message, pain points and more compiled with customized material so sales can just grab-and-go.

Share the Right Message

Btn-spotlight.jpgAssemble the right reference materials to share the right message with prospects. Spotlights give your sales team the opportunity to present the specific information and customer references a prospect is looking for in the way they want — in an organized, engaging and digital format. When the customer right stories, information and assets are included in a spotlight, it is easy to see what a prospect is gravitating towards making your job of solving their pain points easier.

Send Personalized Invitations

spotlight.jpgWith a click of a button, you can email your spotlight to a prospect tailored with their name and messaging crafted in a pre-written branded template. Working with multiple prospects at a time? No problem! Our solution lets you import CSV lists to send out spotlight invitations with the ability to track which individuals visit the spotlights.

Have some tech-savvy prospects? Share your spotlight easily through common social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and send the invitation via these popular platforms.

Track Prospects and ROI

Make your sales team more effective when following up with prospects. The combination of content tracking abilities along with a built-in rating system brings more valuable insight to your team. Data alerts reveal what interests a prospect about your solution and easily measure which content produces the largest ROI.

Monitor Prospects’ Engagement With Your Materials

The ability to track individual prospects gives you greater insight of what marketing and customer reference materials are most effective with prospects, thus giving you a clearer picture of which assets provide the biggest ROI. Tracking enables you to know what marketing and reference assets are being used by your team, and know what assets prospects actually look at and when.

Receive Alerts For Smarter Follow-up

Real-time email alerts are sent to the sales staff revealing what specific assets were viewed by the prospect. This provides valuable insight for sales reps to know who is a hot prospect, when to execute a follow-up call and the relevant items to cover during the conversation.

Reveal ROI…Tie Specific Assets to Closed Deals

The system’s robust content tracking capabilities help you measure the effectiveness of your sales, marketing and customer reference programs giving you the ability to easily connect which marketing and reference assets used in the sales cycle converted leads to closed sales. This not only enables an ROI calculation but also paints a more definitive picture of where program budget should be allocated for greatest impact.

Self Service Reporting

The RO|Innovation system can produce custom reports and dashboards for you as needed. In addition, the Self Service reporting module allows you to create your own reports from the available data fields in the system. Reports can then be preconfigured and saved to save you time and effort.

RO|Innovation’s solutions allow your team to work smarter-not harder. Schedule a demo or contact a member of our team today to learn more.