Best Practices Training

Reference Best Practices & Consulting

With RO|Innovation you get more than just technology solutions – you get a consultative business partner that helps you incorporate best practices to make your customer reference program run efficiently.

3person-visual2.jpg We work closely with not just our customers, but our customers’ customers in developing reference programs from the initial design (including content development and customer reference recruitment), to the launch, to post-launch adjustments to offer you a consultative approach to reference management. This first-hand experience and insight gained over the past decade gives us the expertise to instruct our customers on the best ways to integrate best practices into their programs and our technology platforms.

Commitment to Best Practices

We have a commitment to deploying customer reference program best practices in our solutions. Developing content with our clients helps us develop best practices which can be shared both through the technology we offer as well as through implementation and consulting. This not only helps make your customer reference program healthier overall and easier to manage, but it contributes more value to your enterprise for a better return on your investment.

Ongoing Education

We are proud of our position as the leader in the reference management industry, and produce a variety of educational resources for the greater reference community. However, we also create exclusive educational events and resources just for our clients to help them improve their customer reference programs through interaction with your peers across our client base.

Involvement With Clients

We work with you and your business on an intimate basis to configure a customer reference program and solution tailored to your unique business needs and goals. What’s more, you can be ensured you have the best reference solution on the market because we are constantly making improvements and incorporating best practices to ReferenceView at the request of sales, marketing and customer reference managers during this configuration process.