Drive Revenue with your Strongest Sales Enablement Assets

Word-of-mouth recommendations from peers influence 92% of all B2B buying decisions. Only 53% of buyers trust company websites and 33% trust online ads, proving what your customers say about you has more impact than information your sales and marketing teams provide.

RO Innovation’s sales enablement solution drives revenue by leveraging unique, individual customer success stories and other top sales and marketing assets to a global audience. By providing sales reps with valuable and relevant content and customer references during the sales cycle, RO leverages the voice of your customer to:

  • Build buyer trust faster
  • Differentiate your value and add significance during buying process
  • Prove success via peer experiences

Sales Enablement through reference management


Increase Sales Efficiency

A central repository of sales and marketing assets saves sales reps valuable time searching for the right materials so they can spend more time doing what they do best – selling! RO’s sales enablement software is built to help salespeople:

  • Leverage the voice of the customer with buyers
  • Send the right sales and marketing content at the right time
  • Spend less time searching, more time selling
  • Eliminate need to create their own content for sales cycles

Increase Sales Effectiveness

Drive revenue conversion faster with real-time analytics and intelligence on buyer engagement enabling sales reps to be more targeted and relevant when they follow up, focusing time on prospects that are active and engaged. Using RO’s tracking technology, you are also able to leverage knowledge of top sellers and on-board new reps faster. RO Enablement helps your team:

  • Know when buyers are actively engaged
  • Track buyer activity with your sent materials
  • Leverage tribal knowledge of top sellers
  • Analyze ROI, determine most effective selling assets

Create High Impact Presentations

Spotlights (quickly customizable web pages to package sales collateral) allow you to quickly and easily present information to prospects in a professional way. Tracking lets you see which assets and references impacted closed deals so that you can use these successful sales enablement assets with future prospects.


Intuitive Integrations

Integration with your existing sales and marketing software gives your sales team the power to find materials and engage prospects without disrupting their normal workflows. RO Innovation integrates with systems like:

  • SugarCRM®
  • Microsoft Dynamics ®
  • Marketo ®
  • Eloqua ®
  • And others!

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Mobile: Improve In-Person Engagements

With both a mobile interface and a stand-alone mobile sales enablement app, RO Enablement allows your sales team to stay abreast sales opportunities and engage prospects with content and customer testimonials at key moments directly from their mobile devices, when and where they need it.

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Works With Your Current Sales Process

RO Innovation is able to drop into any sales process and make your team more effective right away by making the right assets and customer information available at the right time. Its intuitive, easy to use interface requires little to no training, giving you high adoption rates.