RO Innovation believes in the powerful influence of your buyers’ peers during their buying journey with you. We believe in operating sales and marketing differently than the status quo and center it around customer advocacy. Why? Because it is that advocacy that sets you apart from the competition, differentiates your value, builds trust faster and brings you success. The way we activate the power of the voice of the customer is by making our software beautifully designed, simple to use with your existing tech stack, and user friendly. We just happen to make great customer reference software. See below how we can specifically help the different stakeholders at your company.


“I could bring in another tool, but it can’t just be another tool. It’s got to be easy to implement, talk to our other systems, and it’s got to be used. Intuitive and effective is what we need.”

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Chief Customer Officer

“If I never had to worry about ways to increase the visibility of our program’s success or prove it’s impact on revenue, that’d be great.”

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VP Sales

“My reps can’t find anything and always asking Marketing or each other for what is the best thing to send my prospect. The amount of time that we spend looking for the right stuff is amazing. Anything that Marketing or that we can do on this topic would be huge.”

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VP Marketing

“Be better armed with the data, analytics and metrics to measure and report the customer marketing/advocacy and content marketing that’s influencing revenue.”

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VP Customer Success

“If I could prove happy customers resulted in increased revenue and advocacy for our company, that would be my favorite metric EVER to present.”

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Director of Customer Advocacy

“Worry about if you could create an environment that fosters greater effectiveness and productivity among-centric teams, and drives positive revenue outcomes?”

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Director IT

Director of IT

“Deal with the hassle of yet another vendor who can’t pass our security audit. It’s such a pain to get involved when it hits a snag.”

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Director of Sales Ops Leader

“If I could spend less time on administrative maintenance of all these sales tools, that would be amazing.”

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Customer Reference Manager

“I wish people would use the customer assets I’ve created. There’s tons of great case studies, customer interviews and testimonial quotes ready for them to use but they can’t seem to remember or know where to go find them.”

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Director Sales Enablement

“I am already asking the team to utilize multiple platforms. If I’m going to even think adding another, it better seamlessly integrate with everything we’ve already got.”

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How Can RO Help Your Team?

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