As marketing leaders, we are always torn by the idea of making real connections with our audiences and making our organization money.   It’s difficult because despite our best efforts, sometimes our messages and storytelling techniques are perceived by buyers as misleading or not genuine.  Or, our messages just sound like everyone else’s and continue to fall on “deaf ears” and not make a measurable difference.

Each year, especially now as Marketers are planning for 2018, we all come up with new strategies to accomplish the goal of getting new, profitable customers on our logo slide.  It’s a balance of positioning a message that garners buyer TRUST that will eventually drive new REVENUE for our companies.

What is that common thread that will tie those two things together?

Common Thread

Recently I was at a Business Marketing Association (BMA) meeting in Colorado where Jill Rowely, Social Selling Evangelist, talked about the keys to effective social selling.  Statements like, “your best salespeople are not on your payroll.  Your best sales and marketing people are your customers who are will to advocate on your behalf,” made me really think about my 2018 priorities.  

Having your happy customers advocate for your company doesn’t just resonate with prospective buyers, but also ties the internal workings of the organization together. Advocates can bring together your marketing tech stack to speak a common language across departments.  Hubspot even claims that “B2B buyers are becoming risk adverse…they want evidence that your product or service does what you claim, and not from you – from another customer.”

Maybe that is the missing thread tying together the marketing strategy for 2018?  Maybe that is the way you tie together TRUST and REVENUE?  Maybe that is the absent common thread?  Maybe the thought of implementing a true customer advocacy platform is the way to make a real difference in 2018.

To ponder this a little more, take a look at this infographic that helps explain how to activate your customers through a common thread like a Customer Advocacy Program.

Common Thread - Trust and Revenue
Brian Vail
Brian Vail is the VP of Marketing at RO Innovation. With over two decades of experience managing global marketing teams, he has a passion for leveraging the Voice of the Customer to drive results for the marketing initiatives he oversees.