RO Innovation accelerates our clients’ sales cycles resulting in increased revenue and provides intelligence to drive smarter marketing spend. Through our solutions and services we leverage the voice of the customer enabling sales and marketing organizations to deliver the right content at the right time throughout the buying process.

We believe your most successful sales asset is a happy customer. We know when you empower customer advocates – via video interviews, case studies, testimonials, reference calls, and more – your business accelerates. That is why we make the “voice of the customer” the core component of each business application we provide.

Our History

Since 2002, our technology solutions have enabled a range of businesses from smaller, venture-funded companies to large, global enterprises to leverage their valuable customer relationships and marketing assets while effectively managing their sales, marketing and customer reference programs. Whether it is helping optimize and simplify customer reference workflows or streamlining the sales process with sales enablement tools, RO Innovation’s solutions drive business performance.

We are privately held and headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Got your Attention?

RO Innovation offers four different sales, marketing and customer reference products designed for flexibility and scalability, while providing exactly the technology our customers need to manage and optimize the strategic elements of their business.

See how these 4 products can align and match your revenue goals.