Top Sales Tools for 2017

Top Sales Tool of 2017

Technology should be a strategic initiative that supports your sales process and sales improvement goals. There are hundreds of sales tools to choose from which means you can find the right technology no matter how unique your organization or its needs. However, it’s difficult to filter through all of the options, which is why SmartSellingTools created this guide. RO Innovation is honored to be named a Top Sales Tool for a fourth consecutive year.

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Top Marketing Tools for 2017

Top Marketing Tool of 2017

B2B organizations who understand their most influential and powerful marketing asset isn’t their latest ebook or newest campaign – it’s the advicating voices of their buyers’ peers – have the edge today. However, those that activate customer advocate marketing in more ways that impact revenue and achieve alignment at their companies – they are the ones that truly excel!

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2014 Top Marketing Tools

Top Sales Tool of 2016

RO Innovation was named by Smart Selling Tools as one of 2016’s Top Selling Tools. 2016 marks the third year that RO Innovation has received this honor and been featured in Top Sales Tools’ Annual Guide. Our thanks go out to Smart Selling Tools for their recognition, and to our customers without whom our success wouldn’t be possible.

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Top Marketing Tools of 2015

Top Sales & Marketing Tool of 2015

RO Innovation was chosen for inclusion in the “Sales Enablement” category of Smart Selling Tools’ ‘Top Sales Tools of 2015’ guide because it equips sales teams to more efficiently convert opportunities into revenue which makes it possible to win deals faster. This annual buyer’s resource from Smart Selling Tools is designed to help B2B companies discover, assess and choose the best Sales software available on the market. The 2015 guide organizes Sales tools into 14 different tool type categories, and provides a multimedia experience to learn about each of the tools selected.

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2014 Top Marketing Tools

Top Marketing Tool of 2014

The award of Top Marketing Tools of 2014 represents the significant contribution to revenue that RO Innovation makes via the marketing process. RO Innovation has been named a top tool for the Content Marketing & Selling category in the inaugural release of this report.

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Award Top Customer Reference Management Program

2014 Denver Award

Each year, the Denver Award Program identifies companies that have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. This year, RO Innovation has been recognized for excellence in the Information Search & Retrieval Service category.

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