Meet Lisa Hoesel

Lisa HoeselAs RO Innovation’s Director of Customer Conversation, Lisa is responsible for developing and implementing best practices of customer advocacy and sales enablement. She works closely with the sales and marketing teams to ensure RO engages our own customer advocates to present the most compelling evidence for why we are the best solution provider and consultancy for customer reference management and sales enablement.

As one of the original employees of RO, Lisa has honed her skills over many years as an executive and customer advocate practitioner in a variety of different verticals. She was the VP of IT with the American Heart Association, charged with developing and implementing a cohesive national technology strategy to support volunteers and staff; an Executive Vice President for an international telemedicine concern where she developed a wildly successful affiliate marketing channel and ran the operations for the organization; a senior customer reference manager for VMware, tasked with introducing their formal partner reference program and has run her own consulting company, ConversationalChaos, LLC., mentoring clients in the complexities of maintaining and acquiring customers in a digital age.  She is rabidly curious about all aspects of customer conversations and diligently strives to instill the best face-to-face customer interactions in a digital dialogue.

Lisa is a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz, constantly regaling her friends and family with her eerily perfect Wicked Witch impressions.   Lisa, counterintuitively, also lives on a farm and enjoys baling hay as her summer aerobic activity.