Meet Matthew McLean

Matthew McLean is a professional entrepreneur and consultant with over 14 years of experience in helping organizations and individuals increase sales and market share through the design and application of software.  He has worked in customer relationship management, project management, product management, strategic marketing, and business development.  His industry experience includes consumer goods, e-commerce, entertainment, and renewable energy.

Matthew began his career at The Learning Company assisting in transitioning the support teams during the merger with Mattel, Inc.  From there he relocated to Colorado to become one of the first employees of Webroot Software, helping develop the company’s customer service department and online marketing presence.   Matthew went on to assist in developing the plan for the Webroot product family, leading in opportunity identification, solution definition, pricing strategy, and competitive evaluation.  He also led product launches in both Europe and the Pacific Rim.

After leaving Webroot Matthew finished a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin.  From there he began a consultancy working on projects such as developing mobile games, print-to-digital advertising, and company and brand redesign.  In a number of cases he worked with proprietors to build and position companies for buyout.

Matthew went onto consult with a number of Fortune 500 companies while working at the market research firm, Pike Research.  Managing each of the company’s projects from inception to completion, he oversaw data analysis and conversion while leading improvements in sales and client relations.

He began work with ROInnovation in February of 2013.