RO Innovation partners with leading companies that provide solutions, services and technologies in sales, marketing and customer advocacy. These partnerships make our customers more successful with integrated technology solutions, consulting expertise and a steady flow of customer-focused content to feed their sales and marketing ecosystems.

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Techvalidate - ROInnovation Partner in Customer Reference

TechValidate is the first and only automated software platform for the creation of customer evidence content. TechValidate solves the problem of extracting quantifiable operational and financial metrics from your customer base, and then instantly turning that data into usable, third party verified marketing materials. Customers range from startups to Fortune 100 leaders. TechValidate is based in Emeryville, California.

Influitive - ROInnovation Partner in Customer Reference

Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, helps B2B marketers mobilize their advocates and fans to share their positive experiences across the social web in order to influence buyers. The company’s innovative AdvocateHub software and Maven mobile app make it fun and exciting for advocates to participate in more referrals, references, success stories, product reviews, survey responses and other promotional content. This approach, called advocate marketing, is proven to generate higher-quality sales leads, accelerate sales opportunities and improve brand recognition. Influitive is headquartered in Toronto with offices in Boston and Palo Alto.

Catalysis - ROInnovation Partner in Customer Reference

Catalysis is an independent digital marketing and PR company headquartered in the UK. Making campaigns and content to help technology companies communicate and sell, their programs include elements of social media, digital marketing, PR, relationship marketing, customer referencing, demand generation, analyst relations and internal communications.