RO Innovation is proud to have built great relationships with our clients for over a decade. Because we understand the value of customer references and sincere peer-to-peer feedback, we wanted to provide just a few quotes from some of our customers!

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“ I’ve been extremely impressed with the customer service offered by RO Innovation.”

– Therese Van Ryne, Director, Global Public Relations & Customer Reference Program, Zebra Technologies

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“When my team was cut to less than 1FTE and our old reference system became too difficult for Sales to use effectively, I really needed a vendor that could partner with us and a platform that was truly self-service. We found that with RO Innovation. The knowledge RO’s team has on reference programs made the implementation of ReferenceView easy and painless. We were able to get it set up and customized for our needs, move/add all of our reference data and content into the database, and roll out to 1800 users in just a couple of months. The users have expressed how easy it is. We haven’t even taken advantage of all RO Innovation has to offer and so excited to really grow our Reference Program with their help.”

– JoLynn Hauser, Senior Marketing Manager, Century Link

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“Taking the ‘guess work’ out of what to send and when by leveraging tribal knowledge is a huge win for ramping up new sales reps.”

– Howard Tarnoff, Sr. VP Customer Success, Ceridian HCM Incorporated

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“Being able to measure customer marketing’s impact on revenue (especially as we build out more of our KPIs) is how RO is making a huge impact on our department, and, really our overall organization.”

– Becky Leung, Customer Marketing Manager, Jive

“ Since implementing ROInnovation, we have heard back from key customers that they greatly appreciate the security gate, the streamline and policies and governance that has been implemented across all regions.”

– Barbara Thomas (BT), Global Customer Advocacy Reference Team Leader, Microsoft

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“The afternoon we had the training my customer asked me for some references to look at. I sent over a piece from SalesPoint (RO Innovation) and was able to see her look at it multiple times through the email tracking then later in the afternoon got the signed agreement.”

– Kathy Hickey, Senior Director of Marketing, Comcast Business Services

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“I am very happy with our new reference tool. As a new Client Partner at FICO, it has been very helpful for me to have this new reference program available for my new prospects. The program is very easy to use and the internal support from Ana is extraordinary. It is a very fair program for our FICO clients that are participating as FICO reference, besides the several benefits they could get for participating.”

– Juan Lopez Rodriguez, Client Sales, FICO

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“One of my first objectives in my new role with Marketo, was to replace the existing customer reference solution with RO Innovation. My experience with RO is that their continued commitment to innovation and incorporation of new features is unique in the customer advocacy/sales enablement space and only exceeded by the breadth and depth of project management expertise that they bring to a partnership. RO Innovation’s ReferenceView solution strikes exactly the right balance between ease-of-use and rich reporting and functionality.”

– Merissa Hamilton, Manager, Customer Advocacy, Marketo

“I got a note from one of our sellers. I was actually in Toronto training a reference manager and we were eating lunch and a seller stopped by.  Hey, I just want to thank you so much….”

– Spencer Duncan, North America Reference Coordinator, Ceridian

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“Having a dedicated technology solution really allows us to focus on the actual Reference Program. I can rely on my project manager at RO Innovation to assist me with the technology and I can work on the references. Since I am the only reference manager, that is where my focus really needs to be. Reference View really gives me the time to focus on what’s important to our business.”

– Tricia Sale, Senior Manager of Client Reference Program, Blackboard, Inc.

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“The Reference View system makes it very easy to find a client (or group of clients) that fit the mold of a prospect I’m engaging. The variety of search features allows me to get very specific on what I am looking for (reference phone call, collateral, the type of client, etc.). In addition, if I don’t have time to search myself, it’s great to be able to create a request that our marketing team can use to find the reference I need. Finally, the best part is that it’s integrated within Salesforce. It feels like I don’t have to worry about another app or website when it’s all built in to Salesforce.”

– Cheston Newhall, Account Executive, ZirMed