If a Marketer builds something, of course our sales counterparts will use it in every sales cycle.  Why would they not?

Marketing likes to think that all we have to do is create a new product slick, article, whitepaper or PowerPoint deck, and sales people will come running and just keep using those pieces over and over.

Of course!

When I was a Product Marketing Manager with Corporate Express (now a Staples company),  the idea of Content Marketing was right on the cusp of becoming a mainstream “must have” in the marketing tool belt.  I was producing so much stuff and would version most pieces out six to ten different ways.  When we started using SalesFroce.com I saw it as an opportunity to give my content some legs and so I loaded everything up to the tool that the sales team was using day-in-and-day-out to manage their customers.  I thought, “Of course! Now they can start to move potential customer even faster down the sales funnel and win even more business.”  Then, I sat back and waited for all of the accolades to come flowing in. Besides my counterpart in marketing, I heard nothing but crickets.

Crickets Chirping

I didn’t understand it.  Why didn’t I hear anything?  Were they using any of it?  Was the content viewed as valuable?  What did I miss?

Did you know that research by SiriusDecisions shows 70% of marketing content produced is never used by sales?

As we all now know, it’s about the right content served up at the right time in the right situation. But, what is the RIGHT content?  So let me ask a very serious question…

As a marketer and for that manner, a sales person, have you ever gone wrong with a piece of content all centered around the Voice of your Customer?  In my 22 years of being a professional B2B marketer, I can’t think of one time where it didn’t provide value in the buyer’s decision making process.  A product sell sheet, a video introducing your company, a press release on a new acquisition, a retweet from a credible leader in your industry, a research data point supporting your value prop, putting time and money on SEO / PPC / Adwords activity are all amazing and necessary things marketers have to do.

But, having a loyal customer becoming an advocate for you – yelling from the mountaintops articulating how important your company’s products and services are to them accomplishing their company’s goals…NOW that is GOLD.  That’s the type of content that will make a true difference and will ultimately seal a deal. That’s the stuff I should’ve been loading into the CRM all those years ago.

Who Owns Sales Enablement: Marketing or Sales?

Successful sales enablement is about delivering the right content to the right buyer at the right time. However, to be successful, marketing and sales need to be on the same page.

So where do you start? We cover a few suggestions in our eBook, “Is Marketing the New Sales?” which is chalk-full of sales and marketing alignment stats, industry research and sales enablement execution tips.

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eBook: Is Marketing the New Sales Department?
Brian Vail
Brian Vail is the VP of Marketing at RO Innovation. With over two decades of experience managing global marketing teams, he has a passion for leveraging the Voice of the Customer to drive results for the marketing initiatives he oversees.