XOXO is the talent agency for Ceridian’s internal stakeholders and a key contributor to Ceridian’s success plan.  Knowing the best solution to departments business objectives lays soundly on input from customers, Ceridian internal stakeholders depend on the Ceridian Customer Success Program, affectionately branded XOXO, to provide the right customer for the right engagement.  The keystone technology making the XOXO program successful includes ROInnovation’s ReferenceView platform branded as the Ceridian SuccessPortal.

Prospective customers depend on the insight of their industry peers to validate their purchasing decisions.  If a professional within their vertical that has conquered similar challenges and has realized desired business outcomes provides insights into the pros and cons of partnering with Ceridian, that information is credible and very influential.  The Ceridian sales team knows a reference or site visit customer is one click away with the SuccessPortal integration into Salesforce.  With a click of the Request a Reference button, in the Salesforce Opportunity tab, sellers gain access to Ceridian’s SuccessPortal where they can drill into hundreds of customers ready, willing and able to engage their prospect.

Hundreds of organizations participate in the reference program and the top twenty reference customers alone have influenced over $189,000,000 in pipeline opportunities year to date.  From our top sales executive to every seller on the street, XOXO delivers great value.

Feeling the Love from Internal Stakeholders

What makes Ceridian’s SuccessPortal highly-adopted and well-loved by its internal stakeholders? Check out a few of these notes from SuccessPortal users:

“The value of the Ceridian Reference Program is two-fold.  First, selling professionals can introduce their prospects to industry peers allowing buyers to validate their decision to partner with Ceridian.  Secondly, sellers can leave sourcing and coordination of reference conversations up to the XOXO team so they can spend more time closing business.“

–  Tim Battis – EVP Sales, Ceridian HCM

“Hi Spencer [Reference Program Coordinator] ,
Thank you so much for your help with my first Dayforce reference request much appreciated!!!

I wanted to tell you that in my 25+ years of software sales experience, this is definitely not only the first official customer success program that I’ve experienced, but the best way to reward good clients for helping sales people sell to gain more clients!!

I have worked for several major large software companies in my career such as IBM, Xerox, Epicor, Lawson, etc., my biggest challenge as a salesperson was to try NOT to burn out my great customers who always helped my sales cycle by being a GREAT reference over and over again.  I always had to think of ways to say, thank you, and reward them with lunches, dinners, gift cards, a free hour of Consulting, etc.  The XOXO Program is a perfect way to get our customers to stay engaged and always be positive about wanting to help Ceridian with glowing references.

Thank you again, I appreciate your help this is an awesome program!

I look forward to hearing back from you early next week.


– Donna Mancinelli – Enterprise Account Executive – Ceridian HCM

Customers deliberating what Human Capital Management company they should partner with have many solutions to select from as they weigh product options.  Dayforce is the leading award-winning solution in the HCM marketplace but customers are also considering how the partnership will impact them personally.  The customer experience delivered by XOXO engages customers personally and advances them professionally unlike any other experience offered in the HCM industry.   Every single Dayforce customer is represented in the SuccessPortal.  Ceridian’s strategic plan is to be a $1B innovative cloud HCM company with 30% EDITDA known for its engaged employees and committed customers.  XOXO delivers the experience resulting in the most committed customers in the HCM industry.

“The Ceridian XOXO program delivers the best customer experience in the HCM industry.  The SuccessPortal [ReferenceView} enables our Reference Managers to annually connect hundreds of customers with the right prospects without advocate burnout.  Data integrated between Salesforce, Gainsight, AdvocateHub and ReferenceView provides Reference Managers with real time insight into availability and customer sentiment so the right customers are engaged.  These efficiencies help our customers extend their professional network while also giving prospects the information they need to partner with Ceridian. “

– Ted Malley EVP CCO –  Ceridian HCM

When designing products and services no one can convey service preferences better than the customers using those services every day and often when under a time crunch.  Ceridian department managers and business analysts know that customer facing experiences are best designed with the perspective of the customer in mind.  In a recent example project, Ceridian Support was reviewing the support ticket submission options for customers and wanted to know preferences for telephone and online issue submittals form a cross section of customers including large small and varied levels of satisfaction.  In three weeks 108 customers open to collaborating with Support Department program designers were delivered to the Customer Support Business Analyst to help build the best possible program.

“Ceridian strives to perpetually improve the support experience for customers.  We value customer input and feedback as we believe having them share their ideas and experiences provides us with the ideas to drive a better support experience for every customer.  The XOXO program has their thumb on the pulse of the customer base with ReferenceView and can pull the right demographic customers quickly.  Collaborating directly with the right types of customers allows us to solicit customer input before we make changes and enhancements to our support models.  XOXO delivers those customers!”

– Susan Lundberg, Project Manager – Customer Support – Ceridian HCM

Ceridian Product Management is responsible for delivering a Human Capital Management solution that can be configured to deliver business outcomes for every vertical industry targeted by Ceridian.  While they know software development, they depend on the industry experts in the Ceridian customer base to let them know what is important for their needs.   For example, scheduling employees in a giant retail environment is very different from scheduling employees in a manufacturing environment, hospital, law firm or local grocer.  HCM professionals in these verticals are the experts and they have different needs best seen when Ceridian Product Managers shadow their use of Dayforce.  Product managers go on site and see how and why customers interact with the software the way that they do. The XOXO program provides our advocate customers with the opportunity to collaborate with Ceridian on the next generation solutions while also delivering the customer insight needed by product managers as they create the engineering road map.   XOXO has identified 135 unique customers open to having Product Management team members come on site to shadow their use of Dayforce to get first hand field feedback for product enhancements.

“NIHITO means Nothing Important Happens In The Office!  Ceridian product management knows that as Ceridian develops the next generation of award winning HCM solutions, our product managers learn the most while working directly on-site shadowing our customers.  The Ceridian XOXO program has delivered an inventory of customers in every vertical who would like the opportunity to collaborate with the product management team in their offices.  XOXO makes the difference when we need to engage customers! “

– Eugene Peters“ Director of Product Management – Ceridian HCM

The evolution of marketing has given tremendous power to the buyer instead of the seller.  Buyers can research solutions and engage peers to short list and even select solutions prior to ever connecting with a salesperson.  Ceridian Marketing knows uncovering latent need in the market place amongst HCM professionals and fueling top of funnel prospects starts with compelling success stories.  With hundreds of requests being submit to the XOXO department fulfillment and administration of the inflow and outflow of advocates would not be possible without the request capabilities within the SuccessPortal.  Year to date (September 2017) XOXO has delivered 731 unique customers to marketing alone with SuccessPortal transparently tracking each deliverable.

“Customer stories about Dayforce business outcomes are key to producing our most compelling marketing assets.  The Ceridian XOXO program is our partner in sourcing the right customers for our initiatives.  The SuccessPortal filters and search capabilities provide insight into not only what customers have the right characteristics for our needs but it also shows which customers have not been overwhelmed with other activities.“

– Kristina Cleary – CMO – Ceridian HCM

As stated by the internal branded ReferenceView name of SuccessPortal, stakeholders across Ceridian know the key to their department and Ceridian’s overall success is found in engagement of Ceridian’s customer base in an operationalized easy to use platform that manages and delivers the right talent for the right engagement.  Far beyond sales references, SuccessPortal is used by stakeholders in all areas of Ceridian to drive the successful Human Capital Management customer’s perspective into everything we do.   The XOXO team likes to say “the Success of Ceridian is the sum total of our Customers’ Successes”.  The XOXO program and SuccessPortal makes this a reality every day!

RO Sherpa Award Most Valued Program

Congratulations, Ceridian!

Ceridian is the winner of the 2017 RO Sherpa Award for Most Valued Program.The Most Valued Program award recognizes an organization with a program that is highly adopted, appreciated and well-loved by internal stakeholders.  On behalf of the RO Innovation team, congratulations Ceridian on this achievement!

Nichole Auston
Customer Marketing Director at RO Innovation
Nichole Auston is the Customer Marketing Director at RO Innovation. With a background in digital marketing and nearly a decade of experience managing marketing programs for a variety of SaaS companies, she’s passionate about sharing insights, best practices and stories about sales enablement and customer reference management, and the people and technology that power it.