According to a study from a top research analyst group, four issues limit the effectiveness and productivity of this division of your sales team:

  • insufficient mind share among partners
  • partners have insufficient sales/marketing ability
  • partners yield too little top-line revenue
  • limited sales pipeline visibility

RO Innovation has heard this message echoed by our clients that have channel sales programs and has developed a version of the ReferenceView ™ solution that directly responds to the need for sales organizations to educate, enable and track the progress and success of this critical contribution to your bottom-line objectives.

An additional study by the organization, demonstrates that new channel sales training expense exceeds projected revenue goals until the tenth month post-hire.  Combine this with the high-rate of attrition in channel sales representatives and it behooves any channel sales management team to consider ways to rapidly on-board new employees, track which sales collateral is most effective in closing deals and share that information in an efficient and scalable way.

ReferenceView™ was developed as a way to track reference customers and collateral and enable sales people to request customers as participants in events, site visits, or other activities and for them to share appropriate sales enablement collateral.  According to RO Innovation channel clients, being able to track which partners are accessing the collateral is one way to measure effectiveness and to spread best practices.    ReferenceView™ also has the ability to mark collateral as internal only, so provides a very effective training platform for new product launches, channel bundled pricing worksheets, and other sales enablement tools beyond those shared externally..

If you are charged with responding to channel sales challenges, we invite you to contact us regarding how we might help you address them.   Additionally, RO Innovation representatives will be attending the upcoming Channel Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, and would love to schedule some time to demonstrate our solutions and meet you.   If you complete the contact form included and schedule a meeting, you’ll be entered to win an iPad! 

Lisa Hoesel
Lisa Hoesel is the Director of Customer Conversation at RO Innovation. As one of RO’s original employees, and with decades of experience in the customer marketing space, Hoesel has honed her skills and expertise as a customer advocate practitioner in a variety of different verticals. She is a thought leader in all aspects of customer conversations and diligently strives to instill the best face-to-face customer interactions in a digital dialogue.