As is typical at many Thanksgiving dinners, friends and family often reflect upon or express what they are thankful for. At RO Innovation, while we may not be at a table carving a turkey with them, we’d like to thank our loyal customers who helped make our company what it is today.

Thank you for choosing us as your provider of customer reference and sales enablement solutions and for allowing us to be a partner in your organization. Your insights and ongoing feedback help us improve our products and services to deliver the best and most innovative solutions in the industry, a gift we are truly thankful for.

So today, we raise a glass to the best customers in the world…here’s to you, RO Innovation customers!

The RO Innovation Team

Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney is the Founder & CEO of RO Innovation. His passion for helping salespeople excel in all aspects of B2B selling, especially where customer references are involved, was the reason he started the company. His desire for helping others succeed flows through in the expert thought leadership he provides the industry, his customers and his employees.