Today’s Internet-enabled and socially-empowered buyers have made it clear that end users – not marketers or sales executives – decide what good content looks like and how it should be distributed during the sales cycle. So how do you know what is going to “stick” with buyers and what won’t when they’re in the driver’s seat? Ask them directly.

We would like to present some interesting findings about what content is most influential if you sell to B2B technology buyers. The following are some trends from the Eccolo Media 2011 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report.

  • Buyers are consuming fewer pieces of traditional content, but the content they do consume is perceived as more influential
  • White papers are still regarded as the most superior collateral when it comes to influence
  • 77% of respondents say collateral is perceived as more influential if they are given the option to share the content on a social media networking site (ex: “Share This” button).
  • 37% of tech buyers view content on mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets.
  • Inclusion of embedded audio or video content positively affects the overall influence of written collateral.
  • The corporate Web site remains the primary location for prospective customers to access collateral. Although technology purchasers also depend heavily on links from personal contacts, colleagues, and sales reps.

Given the trends found in this report, here are some tips sales enablement professionals can employ to be more successful:

  1. Technology buyers are taking advantage of a broader range of content choices and channels, so beef up your presence in some non-traditional ways: get active in social media discussions, post product videos on YouTube, or publish your sales presentations on SlideShare.
  2. Increase your influence in the sales cycle by including audio or video clips of a customer reference with a case study.
  3. Corporate Web sites are the most frequently used channel for obtaining content. Increase its influence and deeply engage with potential customers though a personalized web experience – present content in a custom built landing page (Spotlight) that is just for them.

The team at RO Innovation prides itself of staying abreast the latest trends in selling to technology buyers and setting trends for sales enablement. Ask us how we might be able to help your company close more deals in a faster timeframe by emailing or calling us today!

Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney is the Founder & CEO of RO Innovation. His passion for helping salespeople excel in all aspects of B2B selling, especially where customer references are involved, was the reason he started the company. His desire for helping others succeed flows through in the expert thought leadership he provides the industry, his customers and his employees.