The New Year brings new ideas and perspectives to existing problems. I don’t know about you but as modern marketers I feel like even though we still have some great opportunities to take advantage of, we have a better chance for success than ever before.


Because we are taking what was successful and more importantly, what was not too successful in 2017, and learning from it. Even the infamous Google can make mistakes! Just check out this hilarious story about a personalization mistake Google made when trying to gain a new Adwords client.


Mistakes happen, YES! But, the key is looking at those mistakes and grow from it by improving processes so it doesn’t happen again. It’s Google, so of course they did, right?

The real question is…are you?

Something about the turn of the flipping to a new calendar drives new energy.  Take that energy and make sure you’ve done everything you can to make sure that 2018 is the best year ever for you and your organization.  It’s not too late!

  • Have you done all the necessary planning to affect change? Are are you just going to do the same approach again and expect a different result?
  • Have you revisited your Mission, Objectives and Benefits of your program?
  • Have you looked at all of the reasons, real and perceived, why your program will succeed or fail this year?
  • Do you have stakeholder buy-in…all of the key influencers?
  • Do you have the right resources in place?
  • Have you planned for the necessary costs?

Even though it’s a new year full of new energy, make sure you take all of the success and failures from last year and learn from them.  I bet Google has!

Make sure that in your goals for 2018, you have a bullet point to kick a little ass this year.  😉

Have an amazing 2018!

Brian Vail
Brian Vail is the VP of Marketing at RO Innovation. With over two decades of experience managing global marketing teams, he has a passion for leveraging the Voice of the Customer to drive results for the marketing initiatives he oversees.