thanksgiving-cartoonThis past weekend I was putting together my grocery shopping list of all the ingredients I’d need to make a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  I was scribbling down some of the basics, like turkey, potatoes, and cranberries when it occurred to me that I should probably survey my in-laws (who are the people I’d be cooking for on Thursday) to make sure I wasn’t accidentally omitting any of their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. (I mean God forbid I forget some secret ingredient in the stuffing and have my mother-in-law secretly disown me for the entire holiday season!) I immediately got responses like, “It’s just not Thanksgiving for me without green bean casserole” and “Gravy…make sure you have lots and lots of gravy.”

It got me thinking. Hearing their favorite parts of this unmistakable meal is not too dissimilar to the exercise our company continually practices of asking our customers about their favorite parts of our software. We never tire of hearing what our customers have to say, and we sincerely appreciate their openness and feedback. But often it is in these conversations that we get ideas for new features for our solutions, and the drive to continue to stay on the cusp of innovation.

So this Thanksgiving, while we may not literally be sitting around the table asking our customers to pass the mashed potatoes, we do want to extend our sincere gratitude for making us the company we are today. We promise to keep “cooking up” the features you want and need to stay successful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nichole Auston
Customer Marketing Director at RO Innovation
Nichole Auston is the Customer Marketing Director at RO Innovation. With a background in digital marketing and nearly a decade of experience managing marketing programs for a variety of SaaS companies, she’s passionate about sharing insights, best practices and stories about sales enablement and customer reference management, and the people and technology that power it.