Third consecutive year the organization received this noted designation

Denver, Colo., April 21, 2016 — RO Innovation, the world’s only enterprise-class customer reference management system, has been named a top selling tool for 2016 by Smart Selling Tools. This is the third year in a row the organization received this designation.

Designed to empower business across the globe, the top sales tools guide published by Smart Selling Tools is a collection of all of the must-have sales solutions in the marketplace. The annual guide is a one-stop-shop of the best sales technologies for businesses to review and find new innovative solutions that will positively impact revenue generation.

RO Innovation is included in the sales enablement category for the third year.

“RO Innovation was started by a sales guy to solve a basic sales pain – the need for customer references in order to close business – and has evolved over the last decade into the world’s leading customer content engine. The voice of the customer truly has become a cornerstone of sales enablement success,” said James Mooney, CEO and Founder of RO Innovation. “It’s great that Smart Selling Tools has recognized us year-over-year as one of the top sales technology leaders in the market. We remain committed to helping companies win more business through innovative solutions that leverage targeted customer content and increase the effectiveness of B2B sales teams for years to come.”

This year’s designation further supports RO Innovation’s impact while confirming the growth of the entire space. It is becoming more important that B2B salespeople strategically leverage the voice of the customer in their outreach to buyers and current customers; which is where RO Innovation’s solutions creates the market’s best results. As communicated in SiriusDecision’s 2015 Study on Customer Advocacy and Engagement, 83 percent of B2B companies say references are critical or valuable to the sales cycle.

RO Innovation’s is a go-to solution as proven by its constantly growing client roster that currently touts over 100 world-class companies, crossing dozens of business channels in the United States and internationally, including:

  • EMC
  • VMware
  • Jive
  • VCE, Inc.
  • Ceridian
  • New Relic
  • Marketo

“In today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical for organizations to leverage the finest technology for its customer reference and sales enablement platforms. Organizations require solutions that offer dynamic results while also being easy to implement,” said Nancy Nardin, founder and President of Smart Selling Tools “That is exactly why RO Innovation’s offerings’ empower the marketplace so well. We are enthusiastic about RO Innovation’s technology and therefore it was important to name them a top selling tool for the third year in a row. We look forward to watching the organization as it advances itself across the market in 2016 and beyond.”

About RO Innovation

RO Innovation activates the voice of your happy customers to accelerate revenue in the B2B sales process. Operating as the critical link between customer advocates, buyer needs and sales activity, RO’s platform drives new revenue through the critical marriage of Customer Reference Management and Sales Enablement. RO Innovation is a privately held company headquartered in Denver, Colo.  Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @ROInnovation.

About Smart Selling Tools Inc.

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