RO Innovation Introduces New Sales Enablement Solution, RO|Enablement
Innovative SaaS Platform Helps Sales Efficiency Improve by Over 40%

April 1—Denver, CO—RO Innovation, the innovator and leader in the customer reference management space, announced today the release of its new centralized sales and marketing SaaS solution, RO|Enablement.

Building upon the premise of empowering sales and marketing teams with easily accessible and high-impact collateral, RO|Enablement does more than securely store materials in an online platform.  It allows for the creation of standardized prospect email invitations, real-time scoring of the marketing materials, detailed tracking functionality to measure usage and a social media share component.  RO|Enablement can be integrated with CRM tools including to provide maximum efficiency, saving sales professionals a staggering 40% of time over traditional methods.

“The biggest frustration we hear is that companies want their sales people selling and not fussing with the administrative tasks of finding information, trying to write emails and such,” said Jim Mooney, founder and CEO of RO Innovation. “With RO|Enablement, not only do they save a ton of time, but what’s even better is that their communications with their prospects are now trackable so they know right when to follow up.”

RO Innovation had led the customer reference management industry by creating web-based audio and video customer reference interviews – and smart centralized databases to house those reference interviews – that help clients leverage their customer advocates during their sales cycles.  After listening to client feedback and observing trends in the marketplace, RO Innovation recognized a natural extension of its customer reference platform would be a solution that transcended customer reference management—a centralized, collaborative repository for all sales, marketing and reference materials.  With that concept in mind, RO Innovation built and is now deploying RO|Enablement.

Mooney offered, “The synergies of blending customer reference collateral with a sales enablement platform like RO|Enablement marks a very exciting time in RO Innovation’s eight year history.  This shift in focus from customer references exclusively to a more robust sales and marketing enablement solution is perfectly aligned with our expertise…and more importantly, our clients’ needs and ideas.”   Mooney continued, “We are very pleased to introduce RO|Enablement into the marketplace and equally enthused about the warm reception it is receiving from new and existing clients alike.”

About RO Innovation
RO Innovation (, formerly References-Online, develops solutions that address real challenges in the sales and marketing landscape—from on-demand databases that make managing the customer reference experience more efficient to sales enablement solutions that help engage prospects on all levels.  The RO Innovation suite of solutions includes: RO|Enablement, RO|Reference View and RO|Testimonials.

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