Fourth consecutive year RO’s technology recognized among the best B2B marketing stacks

DENVER, CO September 11, 2017

RO Innovation, the leader in activating the voice of customers to drive revenue, is pleased to announce it was named a Top Marketing Tool for 2017 by Smart Selling Tools. This marks the fourth consecutive year RO Innovation has been included in the Top Marketing Tools guide.

The Top Marketing Tools guide recognizes marketing tools that directly support the generation of revenue. The guide includes technologies that help B2B marketers drive results through account based marketing, streamlining and improving the customer experience and customer engagement, making lead to response time quicker, create a better customer journey and more.

“The voice of the customer has become so important.  People are ‘on’ to marketing’s agenda.  They see it coming and read straight through marketing fluff,” says Ray.  “Bottom line is this: people buy from people they like.  People they trust.  They’d rather hear the unbiased unfiltered story directly from their peer’s perspective because they know it doesn’t have marketing’s spin.  That’s the content buyer buyers want now.”  – Rae Harrison, Marketing Global Customer Reference Programs

B2B buyers are increasingly skeptical of marketing messages and have relied heavier on their own personal experiences with brands along with the testimony, recommendation and references of their peers in recent years. RO Innovation’s technology is helping marketers activate and leverage the voices of their customer advocates in smarter and more ways than ever before, helping marketers deliver the right customer advocacy message at the right time and giving them the means to track it all to the influence it has on revenue.

“The difference between the 29 marketing tools we cover and the broader, 5,000+ marketing tools on the market is their tight connection to Sales,” said Nancy Nardin, founder and President of Smart Selling Tools. “RO Innovation’s solutions are integrated tightly with the marketing, sales and customer success tech stacks in such an integral way that it truly gives organizations the ability to leverage the right customer story to impact the buyer no matter what stage of their journey they’re in, and most importantly, proves the revenue customer advocacy is driving.”

Customers like Ceridian, Marketo, Dell EMC, Jive, JDA Software and more continue to guide RO Innovation in the innovative ways the RO technology platform aids marketers in activating the voices of their happy customers to drive success. It is this continual innovation that keeps RO Innovation amongst the top technology tools in the martech landscape and will for years to come.

About RO Innovation

RO Innovation activates the voice of your happy customers to accelerate revenue in the B2B sales process. Operating as the critical link between customer advocates, buyer needs and sales activity, RO’s platform drives new revenue through the critical marriage of Customer Reference Management and Sales Enablement. RO Innovation is a privately held company headquartered in Denver, Colo.  Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @ROInnovation.

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