Smart Selling Tools reveals RO Innovation’s sales enablement platform as a top Sales technology for accelerating B2B sales cycles

Denver, CO (June 17, 2015) – RO Innovation, the leader at activating the voice of your customer in B2B Sales and Marketing cycles, is pleased to announce its inclusion in the “Sales Enablement” category of Smart Selling Tools’ ‘Top Sales Tools of 2015’ guide. This annual buyer’s resource is designed to help B2B companies discover, assess and choose the best Sales software available on the market. The 2015 guide organizes Sales tools into 14 different tool type categories, and provides a multimedia experience to learn about each of the tools selected this year.

RO Enablement was selected for its ability to enable salespeople to leverage the trusted voice of their buyer’s peers at the right time in sales cycles and its impressive and user-friendly lineup of sales enablement features:

  • Organized, centralized repository of sales, marketing and customer reference assets that saves sales reps valuable time searching for the right materials so they can spend more time selling.
  • Spotlights (quickly customizable web pages to package sales collateral) allow you to see which assets and references impacted closed deals so that you can use the most successful assets with future prospects.
  • Real-time analytics and intelligence on buyer engagement enables sales reps to be more targeted and relevant when they follow up, and only spend time on prospects that are truly active and engaged.
  • Tracking technology to determine which assets actually work to close deals quickly.
  • Allows new reps to leverage tribal knowledge of top sellers and get on-boarded faster.
  • Intuitive integrations with™, SugarCRM™, Marketo™, Eloqua™ and other technology platforms.

RO Top Sales Tool 2015“We like RO Innovation because it equips sales teams to more efficiently convert opportunities into revenue which makes it possible to win more deals faster,” said Nancy Nardin, founder of Smart Selling Tools. “RO’s ability to leverage not only the right sales and marketing content at the right time in the sales cycles, but also the right voice of the customer assets, like customer references and success stories, is a true differentiator in the sales enablement space.”

With RO’s cloud-based sales enablement tool, RO Enablement, it’s easy to deliver presentations to worldwide buyers, track engagement and assess results. Geographically dispersed sales teams can easily access and consume onboarding materials, and formal and informal learning content from their desktops or mobile devices.

“We are very proud to have been named as one of the top sales enablement tools in the world,” said Jim Mooney, Founder and CEO of RO Innovation. “Smart Selling Tools’ recognition of RO reflects our commitment to providing sales and marketing teams with innovative ways to leverage the voice of their customers, and serve up the most valuable and relevant content and customer references during the sales cycle. It truly helps our customers win more deals and differentiates their customers’ buying experiences in today’s market.”

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RO Innovation accelerates our clients’ sales cycles resulting in increased revenue and provides intelligence to drive smarter marketing spend. Through our solutions and services we leverage the voice of the customer, enabling sales and marketing organizations to deliver the right content at the right time throughout the buying process. Learn more at

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