New Customer Recognition Program Shining the Spotlight on Reference Management Leaders

DENVER, Apr. 18, 2017 – RO Innovation, the world’s leading provider of customer reference management solutions designed for sales enablement, has launched a customer recognition initiative called the Reference Management Elite. RO Innovation has always strived to elevate the importance and recognition of leaders in customer reference management, and give them the credit and recognition for the outstanding work they do. The Reference Management Elite program is a way to make that vision a reality.

“Hands-down, my favorite part of working at RO Innovation is being able to tell the stories of our customers, and promote the amazing work they do. Sometimes, I feel like a groupie interviewing a reference management celebrity, as nerdy as that sounds,” said Nichole Auston, Content Marketing Director and manager of the Reference Elite program at RO Innovation. “Through this program, I love that we can give something back to and recognize the leaders, pioneers and mentors inspiring me and many others in this growing customer reference management field. Launching and managing this initiative has truly been a personal highlight of my career.”

As part of the program, each Reference Elite member is featured in an article on RO Innovation’s blog, is promoted in social media, newsletters, the RO Elevate Customer Summit and more. Many companies promote the stories of their Reference Elite employee internally after it goes live as well, giving these individuals additional recognition and visibility within their companies. Reference Elite members also are given the opportunity to participate in Advisory Boards, invited as guest speakers at events and more. Some members already recognized through the program include:

“As long as RO Innovation is a provider of customer reference management software, we will continue to shine the light on the best-of-the-best in this industry,” said Jim Mooney, CEO and Founder of RO Innovation. “I’m proud of the way our team continues to take the vision of our customers and spotlight it in meaningful ways via our content and technology solutions.”

About RO Innovation

RO Innovation activates the voice of your happy customers to accelerate revenue in the B2B sales process. Operating as the critical link between customer advocates, buyer needs and sales activity, RO’s platform drives new revenue through the critical marriage of Customer Reference Management and Sales Enablement. RO Innovation is a privately held company headquartered in Denver, Colo. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @ROInnovation.