DENVER, CO (April 30, 2018) – RO Innovation, the leader in activating customer advocacy to drive revenue, announced that it has been named a Top Sales Tool of 2018 by Smart Selling Tools for a fifth consecutive year. The Smart Selling Tools annual list helps sales leaders discover best-in-class sales technology vendors.

Smart Selling Tools evaluated hundreds of sales software and solutions across seven categories and chose 41 technologies for inclusion in this year’s guide. RO Innovation, a multi-year honoree, received recognition in this year’s “Sell More & Sell Again” category.

Nancy Nardin, President and Founder of Smart Selling Tools said, “We selected RO Innovation as a Top Sales Tool of 2018 because of their forward-thinking features and the way the technology seamlessly enables sellers to activate a crucial sales asset in today’s marketplace – the voice of their customers – directly from the sales CRM to influence buyers’ decisions and impact revenue.”

“For sales reps, the ability to close deals faster and efficiently is more critical than ever. To me, the RO Innovation platform is unique in the way RO can proactively recommend customer success stories and marketing collateral, but also live references that match industry, product, and even Personas. Sales reps then get real-time sales intelligence on how engaged their buyer is, down to the individual asset level as well as status on Reference call activity. “said Ian Levine, CSO of RO Innovation.

Sales leaders who would like to explore this sales enablement solution tailored around a customer-centric philosophy may contact RO Innovation and schedule a demonstration.

About RO Innovation

RO Innovation activates the voice of your happy customers to accelerate revenue in the B2B sales process. Operating as the critical link between customer advocates, buyer needs and sales activity, RO’s platform drives new revenue through the critical marriage of Customer Reference Management and Sales Enablement. RO Innovation is a privately held company headquartered in Denver, Colo.  Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @ROInnovation.

About Smart Selling Tools Inc.

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