New Improvements makes the overall user experience easier and more effective

DENVER, CO December 13, 2017

RO Innovation, the leader in SaaS customer advocacy management solutions, announced a handful of new product features to the RO Enablement platform. Making it easier to use, faster and offering more efficient search options, giving administrators and users more time back in their day.

“The experience we get from technology in the B2C and B2B worlds is blurring. Sales and marketing professionals now expect the same speed, ease of use, and look and feel they get from their favorite B2C apps in their B2B work apps too,” said Tony DeLollis, Chief Technology Officer at RO Innovation. “These handful of new feature improvements bring that same experience to the RO Innovation platform and improve the relevancy and efficiency of workflows in the system.”

Responsive UX (RUX) – New, simplified user interface that replaces the old RO Innovation interface designed with Sales in mind that is cleaner, more intuitive and requires no training to use. Responsive technology and design responds to the user’s screen size and orientation extending the rich user experience to mobile. 

Relevant Search Engine – Leverages search “boosters” that fine-tune the platform’s search results to provide a better, more relevant experience for the user. Capabilities added behind the scenes ensure the most relevant customers and content assets are always pushed to the top of the results page, meaning users spend less time sifting through results to find the one they need.

CRM Hybrid for Standalone References – Allows the addition of standalone (non-integrated) customers and contacts, as well as submission of nominations for new references within a CRM integrated RO Platform. When CRM for Standalone References is activated, both CRM integrated accounts/contacts and non-integrated customers/contacts can live together in perfect harmony.

Request Approval Workflows – Allows approval workflows for each reference activity type to be configured independently of each other so any combination of workflows can co-exist in an RO Platform. This enhancement is a result of the Boulder Logic and RO Innovation platform merge.

The RO Enablement Platform consist of four distinct solutions: RO Reference Enablement, RO Content Enablement, RO Sales Enablement and RO Partner Enablement.  They are all designed for flexibility and scalability, while providing exactly the technology our customers need to manage and optimize their Customer Advocacy programs.

About RO Innovation 
RO Innovation is the world’s leading customer advocacy management platform. It drives faster and more profitable sales by activating the right content and customer advocates at the right stage of the buyer’s journey, while providing real-time analytics on new revenue driven by customer advocacy.

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