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We invite you to join a vibrant community of innovators from around the world by becoming an advocate with the RO Innovation Customer Reference Program.

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It’s up to you how and when you get involved. We will work with you on a customized activity plan that aligns with your availability, preferences and corporate policies.

Networking Opportunities

Meet business leaders at special events and share ideas and best practices through peer discussions.

One-to-One Reference Calls

Demonstrate your thought leadership and innovation by sharing your experience with peers in other organizations using or considering RO solutions.

Site Visits / Executive Briefings

Host one of our customers or prospects for in-depth discussion around business challenges, solutions and benefits.


Discuss insights, perspectives and best practices with a select group of experts in your field.

Thought Leadership

Access analysts and industry experts or shape the technology landscape by speaking at conferences and events and/or appearing in an online forum.

Speaking Opportunities

Share your industry best practices and solution knowledge as a panelist or as a speaker at industry conferences, seminars or events.

Industry Analysts

Speak with industry influencers to promote your organization and technology leadership.

Blogs & Articles

Showcase your company’s digital transformation success.

Promotional Activities

Promote your success to your industry and customers through various marketing and PR activities.

Publicity Campaigns

Highlight your brand in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Success Stories

Share how you have driven business or customer value through your use of RO solutions.

Media Interviews

Connect with journalists about your organization, your work with RO and/or your point of view on an industry.

“The Ceridian XOXO team and I have participated in a lot of different activities with RO Innovation over the past few years. We’ve done a couple videos, which are fun and a great way to celebrate and showcase our success. I’ve been told the written case study we did with them is one of the highest visited pages on their website! When I do calls with other customers, either 1:1 or in small groups like the Reference Elite Advisory Board, I feel that I receive as much benefit as the customer on the other end of the call. I’ve also benefited from my participation in the RO Elevate summits. Not only do all these activities allow us to share our team’s successes and insights with industry peers, but I get to hear how others are handling similar customer engagement challenges and ways to use the RO products. I have liked every activity I’ve been invited to participate in and thoroughly enjoy working with the RO customer reference team.”

Spencer Duncan

North America Reference Coordinator, Ceridian

Proud to Be Part of the RO Innovation Customer Reference Program

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Reference Management Elite

Among the practitioners in this field there is an unspoken “club” of individuals that are known as the pioneers in their field. The best-of-the-best. The unspoken elite.

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The RO Sherpa Awards bestow the highest honor on B2B companies with best-in-class customer advocacy programs that are leading the way in sales, marketing and customer success in the new B2B buying reality. Winners of these awards demonstrate marketing excellence, business impact and strategic value via the execution of the customer advocacy programs at their companies.

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