Fireside Chat w/Amy Bills @SiriusDecisions

Building a Business Case for Reference and Advocacy Programs

July 25 10:00am CT/1:00pm ET

Customer references and advocates can expand your reach, accelerate sales and even help drive adoption among your new customers. You know they drive growth and help with retention. But is your leadership convinced? Don’t get frustrated by the struggle to get funding. Get smarter about how you ask your C-level execs for it.

Creating a business case for resources to build or enhance an advocacy program requires thinking beyond tactics and connecting reference and advocacy programs to the business needs leadership cares about.

In this fireside chat, we’ll discuss:

  • The metrics C-level leaders care about most.
  • How to prove the impact of customer references and advocacy.
  • Tips for building a business case.

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Amy Bills, Research Director, Customer Engagement, Sirius Decisions

In a career spanning more than 13 years in demand creation, customer marketing and advocate marketing, Amy Bills has focused on bringing best-practice principles and strategies of b-to-b marketing to successful execution. She has held senior marketing roles in innovative b-to-b technology organizations as well as b-to-b marketing agency leadership roles. As she states on her Twitter bio, Amy firmly believes in marketing as science (with a little art).

Amy was director of customer marketing at Blackbaud, the world’s leading cloud software provider for nonprofits and the social good ecosystem, where she drove strategy and execution of upsell and cross-sell initiatives and originated an award-winning advocate marketing program. She was director of partner marketing for leading marketing automation company Eloqua, which was subsequently acquired by Oracle; and vice president of marketing for Austin-based marketing agency Bulldog Solutions, an early adopter of the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®. She also held marketing and editorial roles at Freescale Semiconductor and Hoover’s Online (now D&B Hoovers). Amy began her career as a print journalist for newspapers in Tampa, Florida; and Charleston, West Virginia.

Amy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a native New Yorker transplanted to Austin, Texas.

Lunch & Learn: Reporting

August 23, 2018 10:00 am CST/1:00 pm EST

In response to  customer requests, RO is excited to introduce a new educational webinar series, “Lunch and Learn with Lisa!”

Our inaugural webinar will focus on REPORTING, and the metrics and measurements that we are asked to provide to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Voice of the Customer programs on net revenue, customer satisfaction and renewal.

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Lunch & Learn: User Adoption

October 25, 2018 10:00 am CST/1:00 pm EST

In response to  customer requests, RO is excited to introduce a new educational webinar series, “Lunch and Learn with Lisa!”

In this second webinar, we will cover TIPS for securing and increasing user adoption of the reference program from planning/implementation and beyond.

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The Customer Storytelling Model  – Your Best Path to Growth

SiriusDecisions research indicates that over 80% of b-to-b buying decisions are based on customer experience, either direct or indirect. And, let’s face it – your prospects and customers are going to hear the truth about what it’s like to use your products and services with or without your help. That’s where the power of customer references and customer advocacy can super-charge your sales and marketing efforts.

Lisa Nakano from SiriusDecisions introduces us to a best-in-class model for b-to-b organizations to define, design and develop a customer advocacy program that sets a strong foundation for this critical part of the prospect and customer experience, along with Michelle Gardner from Informatica who will share her real-life experiences in leveraging best practices for evolving and growing their customer reference and advocacy program.

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Myth Busting: The truth about customer advocacy’s impact on business

Did you know…B2B businesses are increasingly embracing customer advocacy as a strategy for driving market interest, build buyer trust and close sales faster. However, the strategic activation of customer advocates is shockingly misunderstood by many executives and internal teams.

During this webinar, a panel of experts will discuss some of the commonly held myths around customer references and the way advocacy strategies can be leveraged to make a big impact. 

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How to Insert Customer References in EVERY Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Did you know…

  • 53% of buyers rely on peer recommendations before making a purchase (DemandBase)
  • 90% of top sales performers use references 100% of the time (Mainstay Partners)

Customer references, stories and referrals influence the buyer’s decision-making process through the entire customer lifecycle…not just at the beginning or end. 

The internet has made it easier for marketers to engage with customers at various stages of their journey. That’s one of the reasons 76% of marketers plan to produce more content this year. Despite that increase, 65% of marketers are still challenged when it comes to understanding which types of content are effective and which types aren’t.

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Customer Advocacy:  The B2B Secret Sauce

Did you know that 80% of B2B buying decisions are based on direct or indirect customer experience?

This webinar featuring research presented by SiriusDecisions on the best practices for moving buyers further along their journey using customer advocacy. You will learn the keys to activating customer advocates and get the scoop on:

  • How and where to deploy customer advocates in your marketing mix
  • The best ways to cultivate and activate customer advocates
  • Insights on what’s working now in B2B
  • How to make strategic use of customer advocacy across the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle

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P2P: The next big thing in B2B

A couple of major macro trends are shaping the modern B2B buying process, and changing buyer and seller behavior. We are seeing the evolution of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Selling. If your company leverages customer advocacy, customer referrals or customer references, you have joined this movement and are actively shaping the future of B2B sales and marketing best practices. Get the information, knowledge and resources to optimize your strategic P2P selling efforts this year.

  • What P2P Selling is, and why it matters more than ever in 2017
  • 5 new ideas to position your customer reference program with you boss and other key influencers
  • New ideas from your reference management peers and the top initiatives they’re focusing on this year
What Is Sales Enablement - Customer Reference Program

What Is Sales Enablement, Anyway?

“Sales Enablement” is the newest buzz phrase in the marketing, customer advocacy and sales network world, but what does it really mean in terms of your organizational culture, solutions and processes? View the recording of this educational webinar, hosted by The Sales Association, to learn:

  • What the experts and your peers say Sales Enablement is
  • New sales enablement benchmarking statistics
  • Insights, stories and implementation examples from the Misys global sales enablement program and other RO Innovation customers

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Blueprint for Customer Reference Program Success

Whether you’re just launching a program, or are experienced and are just looking to review best practices and get tips for continued success, we invite you to view the archived recording of the Worldwide Customer Marketing Networking Group’s first quarterly call of 2015 for a discussion of:

  • Detailed 30-60-90 day plan for starting a reference program
  • Best practices for established reference programs
  • Summary of the Summit on Customer Engagement

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Blueprint for Customer Reference Program Success
5 Success Metrics for Customer Reference Programs

5 Success Metrics for Customer Reference Programs

Proving the effectiveness and ROI of a customer reference program investment to the C-Suite often comes down to showing measurable, quantitative, trackable results. Watch this recorded webinar hosted by Dan Montoya, RO Innovation’s VP of Professional Services to learn:

  • Industry best practices for measuring customer reference programs
  • How to develop a model for measuring your program’s impact
  • Discussion and Q&A with industry experts on your metrics questions

This webinar will help accelerate your understanding of customer reference program success metrics, whether you have yet to start measuring or you are a ROI pro.

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Valuable Message Development & Delivery in the Context of Sales Enablement

View this archived recording covering best practices for building a collaborative sales enablement content strategy and discuss how new innovative technology platforms can support this process. Get expert insights and best practices from Forrester Research, VMware, Intel and RO Innovation designed specifically for Sales and Marketing professionals.The webinar covers:

  • Reviewing the content you have already created to choose what to keep or update
  • Planning the development of new content that maps to the customer model and problem-solving process
  • Managing and delivering content in a way that sellers can readily apply at the right time with the right audience
  • Tools and strategies for leveraging the voice of the customer to influence buyers in the sales process

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Valuable Message Development & Delivery in the Context of Sales Enablement