Archived Webinar Recording

Customer Advocacy: The B2B Secret Sauce

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Date Recorded:

April 25, 2017

Featured Speakers:

  • Lisa Nakano, Service Director, Customer Engagement Strategies, SiriusDecisions

Webinar Overview:

In b-to-b, 80 percent of buying decisions are based on direct or indirect customer experience. That means customer advocacy is the single best source of demand creation today. Smart companies know they need to deploy their customer advocates everywhere in the marketing mix, from sourcing demand, to nurturing customer relationships, to supporting retention and growth. So what are the best ways to cultivate and activate customer advocates? In this webinar featuring Lisa Nakano, leader of the Customer Engagement Strategies Service at SiriusDecisions, we will share insights on what’s working now and describe how to make strategic use of customer advocacy across the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle.