Webinar: Myth Busting: The Truth About customer Advocacy’s Impact on Business

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Date Recorded:

February 28, 2018

Featured Speakers:

  • Jolene Hall, Global Client References & Communications, IBM
  • Therese Van Ryne, Head of Global PR & Customer Reference Program, Zebra Technologies
  • Carlos Gonzalez, VP Customer Success Operations, Ceridian

Webinar Overview:

B2B businesses are increasingly embracing customer advocacy as a strategy for driving market interest, build buyer trust and close sales faster. However, the strategic activation of customer advocates is shockingly misunderstood by many executives and internal teams. During this webinar, a panel of experts will discuss some of the commonly held myths around customer references and the way advocacy strategies can be leveraged to make a big impact. Panelists will also consider whether there has been a shift in how customer advocacy professionals must go to market, and explore whether this promotes agility or new challenges.