Webinar On Demand: Valuable Message Development & Delivery in the Context of Sales Enablement

Today, 73% of marketers report their materials are not being used by their sales team. Why? Because almost half of the sales team (47%) is making their own marketing materials to send to prospects.

Here’s the problem: marketing isn’t producing the right messaging, and sales isn’t spending time actually selling. Neither of these drives revenue!

View this 60 minute archived recording covering best practices for building a collaborative sales enablement content strategy and discuss how new innovative technology platforms can support this process. Guest speaker Peter O’Neill, Vice President and Research Director at Forrester Research Inc., will share the Forrester Message Framework model so you can:

  • Review the content you have already created to choose what to keep or update
  • Plan the development of new content that maps to the customer model and problem-solving process
  • Manage and deliver content in a way that sellers can readily apply at the right time with the right audience

You will also hear real-world stories from guest speakers Cynthia Hester, Director of Global Customer Reference Program at VMware, and Rhett Livengood, Director of Enterprise Solution Sales at Intel Corporation, on the tools and strategies they use to leverage voice of the customer content to support sales and marketing programs while influencing buyers.

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