What is Sales Enablement, Anyway?

Sales enablement. There’s a lot of talk about it, but what does it really mean for your sales team in 2015?

You have questions. So do your peers.

View this recorded online session hosted by The Sales Association on-demand today, to learn what the experts are saying sales enablement is, and what your sales initiatives should include in 2015. Guest speakers from CSO Insights, Misys and RO Innovation will share:

  • The REAL meaning of sales enablement
  • New sales enablement benchmark statistics from the 2015 Sales Performance Optimization study
  • A real world success story of a global sales enablement implementation leveraging customer advocates
  • New customer reference & sales enablement tools and resources to make you successful in 2015

When you access the recording, you will also receive a complimentary copy of the 2015 CSO Sales Performance Optimization study, courtesy of RO Innovation.

Featured Speakers:

  • Pat Lynch, Chief Customer Officer, CSO Insights
  • Chris Adlard, Global Manager – Misys Connect, Misys
  • Jim Mooney, CEO, RO Innovation

Watch It Now!